Sunday, December 29, 2013

Crossed Stitches Blog Hop #3

In a last ditch attempt to get a blog hop going, not only is this question open, but I've re-opened the previous two questions as well.  Question #1 is open until Jan. 5th; question #2 is open until Jan. 10th; question #3 is open until Jan. 15th.

The question for this blog hop is:

Do you have any stitching resolutions for the coming year?
I have a couple.  I'm going to try to stitch a project for my mother for Christmas 2014.  The project is already charted, I just have to figure out the threads.

For years, I've wanted to do a Mother's Tree (loosely based on the one by MLI).  I finally charted the tree and created my own, feminine alphabet for the names.  With three nieces, I decided to work back from the oldest one.  That will take my family's female line from 1997 back to 1804!

My other resolution is to get ALL of my floss organized!  Not only do I have the 16 newest DMC colors, I have about half of the 6-strand cotton Variations line, AND floss from a bunch of other manufacturers (Caron, Weeks Dye Works, etc.).  Wish me luck!

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Happy Stitching!

A finish!

Ok, I'm a couple of days late posting this, but I did finish my HAED BB SAL piece!  I finished it the day after Christmas.  Here's the pic:

That means I have a set of scroll frames with nothing on them [gasp]!  What to start next...hmm.  I'll have to get back to everyone with that information.  It is a narrower set of frames so that will be a major factor in determining what I will be starting.

I'm also going to give the idea of a blog hop one more try.  I'll post the question(s) either later tonight or tomorrow.  I'd love to see what my loyal followers are up to regarding their own stitching!

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

All I can say is, "Wow!"

As some of you know, I discovered the art of temari a few months ago. All I can do is hope that I will continue to develop my skills to come close to what this lady does!

88 Year Old Grandmother's Temaris

Happy Stitching!


Progress Bar Widget

I get asked about my progress bars in the right sidebar. I honestly don't remember where I got it but the code does include the developer's information.  It was designated as free for personal use..

I've finally figured out how to share the code, so here you go!

There are only two things that you should be changing in the entire widget. At the bottom, the "This is the text that appears under the bar" and to get the bar to show the correct %, you would change the "58.33" in the line above that to the number that you need.

Happy Stitching!


Friday, December 13, 2013

HAED SAL progress photo

Last night, I finished the second page of the pattern (3rd page overall) on my HAED BB SAL piece, Mystic Garden! It's so cool to see the design come to life after staring at little blobs of color for days.

Here's my progress so far:

I've started on the last page and I'm hoping to finish this before the end of the year! The progress bar at the right shows my %'s a lovely, big number!

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

12 Days of Christmas update

As those of you who follow my blog know, I have designated the 12 Days of Christmas as the focal piece in my rotation.  That means, every other time I rotate, I work on this one.

Well, I just finished it's most recent turn with the completion of day 7!  I am enjoying working on this project, but am relieved to be taking a bit of a break from it.  I know backstitching serves a purpose, but after finishing off one of the "days", I've had enough BS (backstitching, lol) to last me awhile!

Here's the photo of my current progress:

As you can see, I did make a start on the border of day 8.  This is due to the blended colors being used in the over 2 borders.  I cut identical lengths of the two colors needed and then combine each of  the six strands with the six strands of the other color and thread them into six needles.  I stitch with the blends until all six needles are used up.  I'm not sure this paragraph makes sense, but that's what happens!  ;-)

I don't know what will be next in my rotation, 'cause I called it quits for tonight.  Guess that means I'll be surprised at my next stitching session.

Happy Stitching!  To those in the US, I hope you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Congratulations! Margaret Davaz!  She was the only participant in the first Blog Hop here on my blog so she gets the $10 gift certificate.  She also received a blackwork heart pattern.

The next question for the Blog hop has been posted.  I am really hoping that I will get some participants to join me!

Happy Stitching!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Crossed Stitches Blog Hop #2

Thank you to all who took part in the first Blog Hop!  I really appreciate your participation!

The question for this round is:

How many WIPs do you currently have?  (A WIP is a Work-In-Progress.)

I really don't know why I asked this question...I sort of don't want to admit to this one.  ;-)
I currently have 7 cross stitch projects going.  I'm NOT going to count any quilting, scrapbooking or crochet projects 'cause I might faint.
If you want to know what all of my WIPs actually are, just look to the right.  They are listed in the sidebar with my current stage of progress.  At the moment, TW's 12 Days of Christmas is the one receiving attention.
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Happy Stitching!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog Hop and WIP progress

Well, so far, I'm disappointed that no one apart from my friend Margaret has joined in on the blog hop I'm trying to start.  :-(

For anyone that does participate, I am giving away a blackwork heart pattern.  I've also decided to put everyone's name into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to 123Stitch!

And now for a WIP photo!  This is my HAED BB SAL project QS Mystic Garden.  I've finished pages 1 & 3 now.

Happy Stitching!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Night stitching

The last few weeks, while watching Monday Night Football, I've been working on my HAED BB SAL QS Mystic Garden (the BB link is listed on the website).

Tonight, I took before and after photos of my evening's progress.  Here are the pics:

It doesn't look like a lot, but I am pleased with my progress.  The line at the bottom of the tiger is the bottom edge of the first page.  My current stitching is the third page.  Pages two and four will be off to the right but are not as wide as one and three.
Happy Stitching!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Crossed Stitches Blog Hop #1

I've participated in some blog hops in the past and really enjoyed them.  I miss doing them and thought "Why not start my own?".  So here goes...

For the first hop, I thought I'd go with a background-style question:

How long have you been cross stitching?
Personally, I know that I have been stitching since at least 1980.  I had stitched and dated an ornament that year.  Considering that it had numerous French knots (ugh), I wasn't a complete newbie when I did it.  What I had done prior to that is anyone's guess.  Darn it, now that I realize I've been stitching for 33 years, I feel old.  Oh well, I've accomplished quite a bit since then which is a great thing!


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Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Etsy Shop

I've just added 21 new items to my Etsy shop, Crossed Stitches!  Most of the items are cross stitch but there are a couple that are sewing or crochet.

Here are a few of the items that I've just added:


Happy Stitching (and shopping)!

Monday, October 21, 2013

WIP update: Rapunzel

I've finished page 7 on Rapunzel (Dawe) from HAED.  Here is how she's looking now:

Now that that page is complete, I'm rotating back to my focus piece:  12 Days of Christmas by Teresa Wentzler.  Oh, I did remember to update the progress bar at the right.  I usually forget to do that.

I've also started working on my HAED BB SAL piece, Mystic Garden.  This is a freebie offered by HAED to their bulletin board (BB) members.  I'll be working on this during Monday Night Football games and possibly during the day when work permits (it's great being the boss!).

Happy Stitching!


Coming soon...

I've decided to start a blog hop here on my blog.  The first blog hop will be on November 1st and will run through November 14th.  The second blog hop will start on November 15th.

Since hosting a blog hop is new to me, I expect there may be a kink or two.  Hopefully not, but you never know.  Anyone who participates in this first hop will receive one of my personal designs: a blackwork-style heart pattern!  I'm not going to post a picture of what it looks like when it's done.  I'm going to let it be a surprise.  Yes, I know, that's not nice making you wait but I do have a little mean streak in me.  ;-)

While I do have a bunch of questions already lined up, if you have a question that you would like to see used as a future blog hop, just email it to me.

I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming hop!

Happy Stitching!


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Finds from the Needlework Show.

There were a lot of really great designers in the show.  Here are a few designs that tickled my fancy.

From Homespun Elegance, Wishing Thee Merriness:

From Whispered by the Wind, Christmas Flower:


From Seba Designs via Dinky-Dyes, Frost:
From Hinzeit, Deck the Halls:


Obviously, I have a "thing" for Christmas and/or Winter designs.  This probably has something to do with my birthday being just two days after Christmas and the fact that there was a lot of snow the Winter that I was born.  According to my grandmother's diary, there was already snow on the ground when I was born and two days after my birth it snowed 17" in one day!  For the Pacific Northwest (USA), that's not the norm.  Let's just say, I love me some Winter!
Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Online Needlework Show...

is now open! If you've never checked it out, you should. You can't buy from it but you are allowed to drool. It's a great resource for finding new designs/designers. 

I'm headed over there now to see if there's anything I can't live without.  I will share any must haves here on my blog and possibly at my Pinterest boards as well.  (If you are on Pinterest, you can find me as: stacy27c)

Here's where you find the Needlework Show.

Happy Stitching!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

A smallish project

Hello again!

When I received my latest issue (Nov. 2013) of Cross Stitch & Needlework, I looked through it to see if there was a project I would actually stitch. I've gotten in the habit of doing this because, if the answer is "no", then I list it for sale in my Etsy Shop.

This time, I did find a small project that I wanted to start immediately! It's called Faith, Family, Friends (FFF) and is simple but lovely. The only problem? Out of the tons of floss (okay, it's not tons but it is a lot) that I own, I didn't have any of the colors I needed! Yes, I was shocked too!

Thanks to the wonderful site 123Stitch, I ordered the threads that I needed for this new project, plus some thread and beads for another project from the same issue. Well, actually, the other project is the Christmas ornament series and it's in multiple issues. Anyway, I digress. My package arrived felt almost as good as Christmas.

I was just going to head to my craft room to dig out some fabric for FFF, when I spotted the project I've been working on while watching football...Go Seahawks!!. My conscience got the better of me, which rarely happens with my WIPs, and I decided that in order to start FFF, I have to finish this other project first. (big sigh)

I'm stitching the letters of "Merry Christmas" on a large piece of fabric. When they're all done, I'll separate them and frame them individually in some adorable frames that I picked up at Michael's eons ago. So far, I have M-E-R-R done. (another big sigh) So many stitches, so little time!

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Finish for Autumn

I had a small finish recently. As you've probably guessed, I love HAED. Since this post mentions a "small" finish, that rules out it being a HAED.

I also have a "thing" for band samplers. I like the challenge of using different stitches plus the relative speed at which I can finish them. (Relative to a HAED at least.)

Since I opened my Etsy shop, XedStitches, I've included a couple of freebies when I ship out purchases. One of the freebies really intrigued me.

Since it is a freebie, there isn't a color photo of what it looks like when it's finished. Any pattern that uses floss with the names: Dried Thyme, Cidermill Brown and Melon Patch has to be great, right? (BTW, those are all Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art.)

Well, I finally broke down and decided to actually stitch this small sampler. I started it on Sept. 6 and would have finished it on the 7th but I didn't have the beads I needed. (I didn't think that was possible considering how many beads I have in my stash!)

Drumroll, is the photo of the finished (and framed!) project:

The frame is a cheap, 5" x 7" WalMart frame that I painted black. The "mat" is scrapbooking, acid-free, cardstock that I cut to size.

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Finish!! (cross stitch)

Woo-hoo! I have another finish! Last night I finished my second HAED. It is QS Hummingbird by Ching-Chou Kuik.

I stitched it 1x1*, full stitches on 28ct. fabric. The fabric is from Silkweaver. I'm sorry to say that I don't remember the color name. It was Spring something-or-other. I know, I know but that's as close as I can get. I did look on their site and couldn't find it.

Drum roll, please. Here is the picture of the finished project.

* 1x1 means 1 strand of floss over 1 fabric thread.

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Pinterest Craft

I've been wanting to try the Sharpie on a mug idea for a few weeks now.  After reading a bunch of different posts, I found out that you either need a Sharpie Paint pen or else a porcelain paint pen.  I was doing some online craft shopping anyway, so I bought myself two of the porcelain paint pens - one black and one red.

For my first attempt, I thought I'd do a mug for my secret sister (S.S.) from church.  Off to the dollar store I went (bummer, more shopping!).  I got the mug...and a bunch of bins to use for my scrapbooking supplies.  There will most likely be a post about my scrapbooking stuff later.

My S.S. has her kitchen done in French country style so I figured the red pen was the best choice.  Also because of the French theme, I made my own stickers using the French Script font.  Here's where I have a confession to make...I have access to some pretty sophisticated equipment and I don't hesistate to use it!  In this instance, I'm referring to a laser engraving machine.  This is one of the perks of owning my own trophy shop; another perk is that the shop is attached to my house.

I fell in love with the "negative" look I'd seen on several different pins so I went with that.  This means that the initials I was going to create would be blank, the design is around them.

A couple of things that I learned on this first project:  make sure your stickers are firmly fastened down; and make sure to remove them before the paint dries!  I found that using an xacto-style knife works really well for removing the stickers.  You'll notice that the edges around the letters are a little wonky.  That's because I had to do some touch-up after removing the stickers since the paint had dried before I took them off.

The instructions with the pen for the baking process were to put the item in a cold oven, let it heat up to 375°, then start the timer and bake it for 40 minutes.  Once the 40 minutes was up, I turned off the oven, opened the door and let the oven and the mug cool down (according to the pen's directions).  This process should make the mug dishwasher safe.

Here (insert drumroll) is the finished mug:

Items used in this project:

  • plain white mug from my local Dollar Tree
  • DecoArt Glass Paint Marker from
  • Windex to clean the area to be painted
  • Letter stickers - while I made my own, any stickers would work

Will I do another of this type of project?  Most definitely, yes!  It was fun, inexpensive and easy to do.  I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts!

Happy Stitching and Crafting!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Hummingbird WIP update

Here is my latest progress photo for my QS Hummingbird from HAED.

This is pages 1 & 4 done.  Those are the only two full pages of the six pages in the chart!  I would say that this puts me about half way done with this project!

Happy Stitching!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pinterest ~ WIP ~ Animals

Yes, I know that's a wide range of topics that I'm planning to cover!

First of all:  Pinterest.  Unfortuately, I've discovered that evil website.  ;-) 
Just kidding about it being evil...addicting does apply though.  If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, you can find me listed as stacy27c.

Now here are a couple of ideas that I discovered on Pinterest and have actually done.  The first is an ornament that I did as a small present for my niece's wedding.  The curls are created by slicing the wedding invitation up.  The only thing that I did differently from the original post is to use a knitting needle to wrap the paper around.

The second is a box made out of paper strips.  I actually made this to hold the ornament.  The post for that one I think is in Japanese but easy enough to see how to do it.  I used scrapbooking paper to make mine.  It took two sheets of 12" x 12" paper.


Next comes some WIP progress!  I worked on what is now my focus piece:  12 Days of Christmas from Teresa Wentzler.  I finished off Days 5 and 6 which puts me at the half-way mark!

Since that was my goal for this turn in my rotation, I've put it aside for a bit and my randomizer chose Rapunzel from HAED as my next WIP.

And now for the animals mentioned in the title.  I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States.  On the way home from church last week, my husband and I were treated to this sight:

For those who might not know what these lovely creatures are, they are Roosevelt Elk.  These are all cows (females) and calves.

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, July 7, 2013


I haven't done much stitching or anything else in past weeks as I was spending time with my father who had brain cancer.  He passed away June 21 and his memorial service was July 2.  I miss him but am glad that he's gone to be with the Lord.

Now for some stitching updates.  I just finished the third page of the Sistine Chapel from HAED.  Here's a progress photo.

I've also decided to change up the way I do my rotation, slightly.  Since I want to eventually finish something, I've decided to have one focus project (FP) and rotate the others.  What that means is that I will be working on my FP, then a random WIP, back to the FP and so on. 

I chose my 12 Days of Christmas from Teresa Wentzler as my FP.  Since I finished a page on the Sistine Chapel, I've now gotten back to work on 12 Days.  Days 1-4 are completely done and days 5 & 6 have all the border work done.  I'm going to finish the centers on 5 & 6, then rotate to a different project.  The next time 12 Days comes up for its turn, I'll do all of day 7 then switch to another WIP.

For the WIPs, I will still use my randomizer app to choose which one is next.  The only difference now is that 12 Days will get worked on every other turn.

Happy Stitching!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Another WIP photo

I have so many WIPs that it's not even funny (fun, but not funny).  Anyway, I have one from HAED that I can work on pretty much any time, anywhere since it only has one color:  black.  I just finished the first page out of six.  Of the six pages, only the first two are full pages.  Here's a photo of my progress:

  • QS Hummingbird by Ching-Chou Kuik
  • Stitched with 1 strand of floss over 1 fabric thread
  • 28ct. Spring something-or-other from Silkweaver

Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scroll Frame recommendations

I've been asked what I would recommend for scroll frame sizes (sidebars and rods) specifically for HAED patterns.  Here is what I feel would work best.  I personally use Lokscroll frames from Artisan Design.  I have tried other brands in the past but would never use any other brand now.  I'm sort of ashamed to admit that I have enough sidebars/rods to create 7 complete frames.  Actually, I guess what's worse is that all of them have WIPs on them right now.  ;-)

HAED patterns have quite a wide range of sizes.  However, most of their designs have a suggested fabric count of 25 stitches to the inch.  Knowing this will help determine what is going to work the best for your scroll frame.

First, let's address the sidebars:

Since I own a bunch of their patterns, I can tell you that the regular print patterns have 98 stitches from top to bottom per page (large print would be less).  Obviously, you're going to want to be able to stitch an entire page without rolling the fabric. 

I measured the sidebars on the two HAED patterns that I am stitching on 25ct. - one has 9" and the other has 11" sidebars.  The 9" is fine since it allows me to do the whole page plus have about a 2" clearance both top and bottom.  The only reason the other frame has 11" sidebars is because I had them available.  Based on my measurements, 8" sidebars would be ideal.  The 8" would leave you plenty of room and you wouldn't have any issues with reaching that distance.

Of the HAEDs that I am stitching only two of them are on 25ct.; four of them are on 28ct.; and one is on 40ct.  For the project on 40ct., I am using 8" sidebars and have enough room to stitch two pages top to bottom without rolling the fabric.

Now to the rods:

For Minis, Quick Stitches or Storykeeps, you're not going to need huge scroll rods.  I only own two Minis so I used the wider of the two (225 stitches) to figure how wide I would need the scroll rod to be.  Here's the math (ugh):  225 stitches ÷ 25count = 9inches.  Take the 9" and add 6" so that you'll have plenty of room for framing (3" per side), that gives you 15".  Now add 2" to get the length of the scroll rod (the length of the scroll rod is two inches longer than the size of the fabric it can hold).  That means you would need 17" scroll rods to accommodate 15" of fabric.

For HAED BAPs, you're definitely going to need very wide scroll rods.  I don't know what the widest HAED pattern is, but the widest one that I own is 625 stitches.  Here's the math for that:  625 ÷ 25 = 25" + 6" + 2" = 33" scroll rods.

Now for the exceptions to this math.  If you stitch on larger fabric than 25ct. such as 18ct or 22ct., you're going to need larger frame components.  If you stitch on smaller fabric, like 28ct., 32ct. or 40ct., the frame components can be smaller.  Since I tend to stitch BAPs, I have quite a few of the larger frame pieces.  Regardless of my fabric count, the material will fit on the larger frames.  I might have more space between the sides of my fabric and the sidebars or I might be able to have more than one page showing top to bottom.

Any questions?  Feel free to ask!

Happy Stitching!


Book Review: The Scrapbook Designer's Workbook

First, I should admit that I don't own this book (yet); I checked it out from my local library.

This is a great reference book for scrapbookers.  The photo illustrations are excellent!  Quite a few of the examples are shown in multiples as a visual explanations of what does or doesn't work in a layout.  The book is divided into sections:

  • Introduction to Design
  • Elements of Design
  • Color
  • Principles of Design
Each section is further broken down into specifics.  For example, the Elements of Design section covers:  Line, Shape & Space; Texture; Typography.

  • The author obviously knows what she's talking about
  • The book is hardcover ~and~ spiral-bound!  No worrying about losing your place!
  • Beautifully photographed
  • Every layout has source materials listed
  • There is a two-page Sources listing at the back of the book
  • Includes a Glossary of terms used
  • Lots of great inspiration
Neutral:  Through no fault of the auther, some of the technology-related information is already out-dated.

Negatives:  Only the fact that I don't own my own copy!

Happy Scrapping!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Almost like Christmas...

I got a box from today!  Even though I knew what was inside, it was still fun to open and look at all the new goodies!

This order was for scrapbooking stuff.  I am making a dedicated effort (so far) to scrapbook the family photos that I got from my grandparents.  All the "stuff" is geared toward the heritage/vintage look.

Here's what I got:

The Glittered ones are a bit too much bling for my heritage album but I can definitely use them in any other album that I create.

Happy Stitching and Scrapbooking!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

WIP photo

Whew!  Tonight I finally finished the page and a half that I was doing on La Belle Dame Sans Merci from HAED.  This means that the top row of pages is now complete!  I'd do a happy dance, but it's late and I'm tired.  ;-)

Here's the picture (click on it for a larger version):

Tomorrow, I'll use my randomizer app to pick my next WIP.

Happy Stitching!


Crafts of My Past & Present

I was just browsing the weekly sale at Herrschners, specifically the Hot Buys, and got a blast-from-the-past feeling.  I am amazed at how many of the different crafts that are on sale that I have tried.  I thought I'd share the crafts that I've done and see how many of you have at least attempted some of them. 

I've added a poll on the right side of the page.  I'd be thrilled to see your responses! 
Update:  For some reason, the poll never worked correctly so I removed it.

Here's my list:

  • Latch Hook - never actually finished one in the past but just bought a small one that I'm going to do for DH for either his birthday or Christmas.
  • Felt kits (not felted) - I made a felt Christmas ornament for DH a few years ago
  • Sequin Art - I finished a horse head and one other though what it was escapes me now
  • Mosaic Art - two Christmases ago, I did an eagle head for DH.  Last Christmas I bought him a kit to do for himself and he gave me a small one that he made for me.
  • Doodle Art - this really brought back memories!  My sisters and I used to buy these at our local PayLess store (now Rite-Aid).  I remember doing the plain paper and the flocked (velvet) kind.
  • Paint-by-Number - the only one that I know I did was of a puppy and kitten.  My grandmother had it  hanging at the end of the hall in her house.
  • Stamped Cross Stitch/Stamped Embroidery - I've tried both of these.  To say that I stink at doing them would be an understatement.  I could never get the stitches to look neat.
  • Plastic Canvas - I made a coaster set.  I have no idea where it went but I remember the coasters were bees.
  • D├ęcoupage - had a kit when I was about 9.  My mom told me not to attempt it without help - I did anyway; made a mess; got in trouble; haven't attempted it since.
  • Needlepoint - a couple of small ornaments.  Never had the urge to attempt anything larger though I do drool over some of the canvases - they are so lovely!
  • Tatting - a couple of ornaments, a pair of earrings, and a bookmark.  I've mastered needle and shuttle tatting techniques but not well enough to be willing to do anything larger.
  • Knitting - I can handle knit and purl but I'm not comfortable with it.  I did make a couple of scarves; a sweater; and an afghan
  • Crochet - I can and will tackle anything crochet.  I used to love making afghans - now I'd much rather do thread crochet.  I've finished at least 40 afghans; a couple of sweaters; a few doilies; over 50 snowflakes (so far)
  • Bobbin Lace - I bought the basic supplies and have the twist and cross movements down.
  • Cross Stitch - I've been doing this for over 30 years and it's still my greatest passion!
  • Quilting - I am self-taught.  I started my first quilt in 1995.  I've completed at least 9 quilts; have 1 that only needs binding; 1 being hand-quilted now; and at least 3 tops that need to be quilted.
Happy Stitching (or Crafting)


Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm so proud of myself!

I know, I know, pride goeth before a fall.  ;-)

I am proud of myself though.  I've had PatternMaker (cross stitch) software for years and I'm good at using it but I'd never attempted one aspect of it before.  I have created my own font!  It's a back-stitch font.  Now, when I want to chart a saying, names, etc., all I have to do is type in the program!

Since I'm working on my own version of a Mother's Tree, this is going to be great!  I was inspired to do a Mother's Tree when I saw the one from Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum.  Her idea was great, but the font was definitely masculine and I couldn't bring myself to stitch it.

So far, I have the tree charted (my own) and now I can get to work on inputing the names and dates that I'll need.  If it looks as good as I'm anticipating, then I will eventually make the chart available for purchase.

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cross Stitch Magazines for sale

Over the weekend, DH bought a bunch of cross stitch magazines at a garage sale.  Do I have him well-trained, or what?

After looking through them all, I kept ones that had patterns I'd actually stitch.  A couple were missing pages so I double-checked them for possible things I'd do, then tossed them in the recycling bin.

The rest of them are posted for sale in my Etsy shop.  Hopefully, this way, they'll all find great homes with someone who will stitch items from them!

Here's the link to my shop:  XedStitches

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blog Shop #17: Stitching Footwear

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

Here's the question for this round:

What is your favorite footwear for stitching?  Or perhaps I should say your favorite lack of footwear when stitching...

I hate wearing shoes...ever.  My footwear of choice for my daily life is:  socks.  This carries over to my stitching time as well.  If it's a cold night, then I do have slippers that I wear.  DH got me the best slippers ever for this last Christmas.  They are Cosy Soles and you microwave them! 

Most of the time though, I stick with just my socks or maybe a fleece blanket draped over my legs as well.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And yet another project begins...Update

I've made it through all the paper stuff!  The only thing I haven't looked at yet is the slides.
All of the photos are out of their albums/envelopes.  Whoever invented those stupid magnetic page albums should be shot!  Better yet, stuck inside a person-size version of their own album - let them try to get out of that!  Thankfully, there are only a couple of photos where I didn't recognize anyone right away.  Even with those, I have enough other photos that I should be able to compare them with to pinpoint at least some of the family members.

The newspapers have all been gone through to see if they were just kept for historial events or if there were family members mentioned.  Any family stuff has been clipped from the paper and marked to indicate the paper's name and issue date.

Now comes the Herculean task of scanning all of this stuff and getting it into scrapbooks!  I'll start with the scanning and then call in one of my sisters to help with the actual scrapbooking.

Oh, guess I need to look at the slides first to see which ones of those need to be scanned and printed so they can be scrapbooked as well.

Happy Everything!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

And yet another project begins...

No, it's not cross-stitching.  My grandmother recently moved out of her house into a senior's apartment complex.  All of the family photos, documents, papers, etc. are now in my house.  Since I'm the family genealogist, this was always expected.  I just didn't have a clue how MUCH stuff that encompasses!

Right now, I'm just sorting through it all.  Things are getting put into categories:


Once I have all the boxes sorted, I'll "attack" the photos and get them all identified, scanned and scrapbooked.  Thankfully, my grandfather and I had gone through most of his family's photos before he passed, so I do know who's who.  My grandmother's family doesn't have as many photos and I went through them with her just over a year ago.

The bugger is really going to be the newspapers/clippings.  My grand aunt was a school teacher for 40+ years and kept stuff relating to her students so I'm really going to have to pay attention there.

Happy Stitching (and sorting)!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

HAED BB SAL Progress

This year, I decided to do the SAL on the HAED BB.  The pattern that I chose is called Mystic Garden which is a QS taken from Peacock Garden by Ciro Marchetti.  For the SAL, the pattern is a total of four pages.  I've just finished stitching the first page!  Here's the picture:


The second page just arrived this past Friday.  Even though, I've got the next pattern page, I'm taking a break from this to do another WIP.  What did my randomizer choose?  La Belle Dame Sans Merci.  I'm going to be doing 2 pages this round (7 & 8) 'cause page 8 is a partial page.

Happy Stitching!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Temari finish!

Well, this is my 3rd Temari!  In the book I'm using (see below), this one is called "Striped Obi".


Here's the book I'm using:

Happy Stitching!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blog Hop: Land of the Lost Needles

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

Here's the question for this round:

How many needles have you lost? Feel free to estimate. Tell us your best “lost needle” story.
Gosh, I have no clue...after all, they're lost!  I'd have to say that I've lost needles over the years.  Best guess would be about 30.  That works out to a little less than 1 per year.  Some of my "lost" needles really weren't, I just couldn't remember where I put them.  The usual places are my shirt (it's a cheap brooch); very close to the edge of my scroll rods (hard to see); or the arm of a chair.  Since DH bought me a glider rocker a few years back, the chair arm is wooden so that option really doesn't exist any more.

My best "lost needle" story is also my worst.  Lost the needle in the carpet and didn't even know it.  Found it with my foot.  Yup, it hurt!  The eye end of the needle went into the middle of my foot - half the needle was in/half was out.  My foot ached for a few days but since DH said I already had ugly feet, no noticeable harm was done.  (I do have to agree that I have ugly feet.)

Broken needles is more my usual m.o.  Typically, I break the eye of the needle where it joins the shaft.  A couple of times, the very top of the eye of the needle will separate...that creates one of the fancy "self-threading" needles!  ;-)

Happy Stitching!


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Friday, February 8, 2013


Well, I finished my second Temari ball.  This one I did with interlocking squares in greens.  There's a bit that's wonky (in the left photo) but overall, I'm pleased with it.

Here's some photos:

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

A small finish!

As I was cleaning out my stash, I stumbled across two things that were meant to be together:  a towel with an area to be stitched and a Huck embroidery pattern.

I've never done Huck embroidery and I thought that I'd given all the supplies I had to my sister.  Once the Huck fabric, books and bodkin needles were all gone and then I found the towel and pattern, I figured that meant I needed to at least try it.

This is fitting in with the resolutions that I set for myself.  Since I'd decided to stitch the towel, I figured I'd do it as a gift for my mother for Christmas.  I used blues and silver to give it a kind of winter feel.  There were two bands for stitching and I did each one in a different pattern.

Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blog Hop #15 - Stitching when sick

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

Well, I'm a bit late as usual on posting the blog hop but I did finally do it!  Here's the question for this round:

Eventually there comes a time when you’re not feeling well, whether it’s the flu or a cold or something else entirely. The question is, do you manage any stitching when you’re under the weather or does it just have to wait for better days?

The irony of this question is that right now, I have a monster cold.  Yes, I have managed to do some stitching while I'm sick.  If I had the flu, I think I'd be too wiped out to attempt anything. 

With my cold, I've done some cross stitching and some Huck embroidery.  I've also managed to make a core for another Temari ball.  If I weren't sick, I definitely would have done more but at least I have managed to stick with it.

Happy Stitching!


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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm in Trouble Now...

I've discovered the art of making Temari!  I bought the book Japanese Temari about a month ago and while I've browsed through it a couple of times, tonight I actually sat down to make one!

The pictures aren't great but here's the one I made:

I made the mari or the core ball from scratch.  It's wrapped in black sewing thread.  For the surface stitching I used Kreinik #8 braid 001 (silver); DMC perle cotton #5 in 3041, 3042 and 414 (or 415, I forget).

Here's a link to the book that I used:

Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Christmas Gift

I know I'm late with this post but needed a nudge from a friend (waves at Sue) to actually do it!

For Christmas, my DH made me a mosaic rose.  He even made the frame for it!

Ta Da, here it is:

The really ironic part of this is that I purchased a mosaic kit for him for Christmas!  Of course, I gave him the kit so that he could put it together.  A couple of years ago, I'd given him a mosaic of a bald eagle that I had put together.  I figured it was his turn.  lol
Happy Stitching!


Heirloom Christmas Sampler - FRAMED

Yes, more shouting.  That's because Heirloom Christmas Sampler was one of my longest WIPs/UFOs and now it is framed!  Ok, ok, it's not completely framed.  I have to pop it out of the frame, put the acrylic (instead of glass) in, pop everything else back in, cover the back and add the hanger.  The hard part - the mounting, is done.

Here's a picture of it in the frame:

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Woodland Violet Sampler - FRAMED!

Yes, I was shouting in the title of this post!  This piece turned out great, even if I'm the one saying it.  I took a chance on both the frame and the purple mat - I didn't have samples of either one.  The frame was on sale because it's been discontinued and the purple mat option is new enough that I didn't have a sample piece of it.

Sometime tomorrow, I'll probably be rearranging the cross stitch pieces hanging in my living room to better accomodate this piece.  DH will be out for a couple of hours so I can do it without him freaking out.  (For some reason, he worries whenever I wield a hammer.  hehehe) 

Happy Stitching!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

My latest WIP...

This round of my rotation was PTP Floral Arrangement from HAED.  To remind everyone, this is done on 40ct. linen, 1 strand over 1 thread (1x1), in half cross stitches.  As of now, I have 6 out of 16 pages done!

Next up in the rotation:  Mystic Garden - HAED BB SAL piece.

Happy Stitching!