Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Pinterest Craft

I've been wanting to try the Sharpie on a mug idea for a few weeks now.  After reading a bunch of different posts, I found out that you either need a Sharpie Paint pen or else a porcelain paint pen.  I was doing some online craft shopping anyway, so I bought myself two of the porcelain paint pens - one black and one red.

For my first attempt, I thought I'd do a mug for my secret sister (S.S.) from church.  Off to the dollar store I went (bummer, more shopping!).  I got the mug...and a bunch of bins to use for my scrapbooking supplies.  There will most likely be a post about my scrapbooking stuff later.

My S.S. has her kitchen done in French country style so I figured the red pen was the best choice.  Also because of the French theme, I made my own stickers using the French Script font.  Here's where I have a confession to make...I have access to some pretty sophisticated equipment and I don't hesistate to use it!  In this instance, I'm referring to a laser engraving machine.  This is one of the perks of owning my own trophy shop; another perk is that the shop is attached to my house.

I fell in love with the "negative" look I'd seen on several different pins so I went with that.  This means that the initials I was going to create would be blank, the design is around them.

A couple of things that I learned on this first project:  make sure your stickers are firmly fastened down; and make sure to remove them before the paint dries!  I found that using an xacto-style knife works really well for removing the stickers.  You'll notice that the edges around the letters are a little wonky.  That's because I had to do some touch-up after removing the stickers since the paint had dried before I took them off.

The instructions with the pen for the baking process were to put the item in a cold oven, let it heat up to 375°, then start the timer and bake it for 40 minutes.  Once the 40 minutes was up, I turned off the oven, opened the door and let the oven and the mug cool down (according to the pen's directions).  This process should make the mug dishwasher safe.

Here (insert drumroll) is the finished mug:

Items used in this project:

  • plain white mug from my local Dollar Tree
  • DecoArt Glass Paint Marker from CreateforLess.com
  • Windex to clean the area to be painted
  • Letter stickers - while I made my own, any stickers would work

Will I do another of this type of project?  Most definitely, yes!  It was fun, inexpensive and easy to do.  I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts!

Happy Stitching and Crafting!


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DUSTY said...

Good job on the mug. I am sure your SS will love it.