Thursday, January 19, 2017

La Belle Dame... progress!

Good Morning, Everyone!

I finally finished a page on La Belle Dame Sans Merci

It's been cold here lately and the space heater in my sewing room died, so I've been stitching in the living room next to the fire.  The only problem with that is there are more distractions than I'm used to so I haven't been stitching as intensely as normal.  ;-)

This is actually a page and a bit.  The bottom row of pages are only 6 stitches high, so I'm including them as I work on each full page above.  That means that this is page 25 & page 33 done.

I'm excited that I'm on the last row of pages!  While I love this pattern, I'll be glad to finish it - that means I'll have a scroll frame empty for another big project!  lol

I'm taking a break from stitching for a day or two.  Not burned out or anything, but I've started working on getting all of my floss on bobbins.  I have more than I thought needing to be done.

I've also created a database for all of my specialty threads (non-DMC).  I do have an app [XStitcher] to inventory all of my DMC but I needed something for all the other threads I have.*

The app that I'm using for my inventory list is AirTable.  It's free for Apple - I don't know if it works on any other operating system.

* XStitcher does have inventory capabilities for GAST, Weeks Dye Works, and Anchor but I would rather have all of my specialty threads listed together.

Happy Stitching!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas Stitching Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Well, for 2017, I don't have any progress to report on Christmas Stitching.  I'll admit, I'm not even done packing up the Christmas d├ęcor from last month.  I still have a 7' Christmas tree up in my office area!  The ornaments are off it, but I still need to get the lights off and then pack the tree away.

It's been cold here (WA state coast).  Not like most of the US, but cold for here.  The difficult part is the insulation, or lack thereof, in my house.  My office area is currently 58.8°F (14.9°C).  The chill in the house is keeping me in the living/dining rooms 'cause that's where the fireplace is (we have a wood insert - it's the only source of heat).  I have been getting some stitching done...just not Christmas themed!  ;-)

I am close to a page finish on my La Belle Dame so I'll see about popping a Christmas project into my rotation.  I'm thinking that this year, I'm going to concentrate on a larger piece - probably the Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Nativity Sampler.

I was going to mention my post-Christmas purchase, then I realized that I'd done that in my last post.  I think the cold office is affecting my brain.  Back in front of the fire I go...

Happy Stitching!


Monday, January 9, 2017

This & That + WIP update

Hey Everyone!

Happy 2017!  I hope everybody had a great holiday season!

I didn't get a cold, which is a minor miracle, so that is excellent.  I'm also another year older, not just due to the new year, but because I had my birthday (Dec. 27).

For Christmas, I got jewelry from Hubby and a gift certificate from my Mom.  I haven't used the g.c. yet but I know at least some of what I'm going to get.  I bought this:

The pattern is called:  Rosarium and is by Chatelaine Designs.  I'd been searching for a US source for a different Chatelaine pattern and while I did find one, it was less expensive to buy it directly from the designer - even with the $ to  € exchange rate.  I would rather give my money to the designer any way, so I did.  The other up side to this was I had the pattern within minutes!

I'll be spending part of my 123stitch g.c. on some of the flosses and embellishments that I'll need for this pattern.  I'll be buying some other "stuff" as well so I won't be getting everything for Rosarium all at once.

Now for a WIP update!  The HAED FB page has another challenge going on right now (it started Jan. 1).  I've been working on Mini Wings in Repose (retired pattern) as my challenge piece when it meets the "requirements".  Well, this time it did so I worked on it.  I finished this challenge, which is to finish a page of 7300 or more stitches, on Saturday night.  Here's my progress:

I'm doing this 1x1 on 32ct. in half stitches.  This completes page 4 of the chart.  At the bottom right corner of what I've just stitched, you can see the swan's head starting to form.

Well, it's cold at my desk, so I'm going to go sit by the fire and possibly stitch.  I'm working on La Belle... again, apart from the short break on Mini Wings...

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Finish It Up Challenge

This worked well last year, so I'm doing this challenge again this year.  If you want to participate, just add your blog address to the comments section of this post (you do need to be a "member" of this blog to comment - I was getting too many spammers).  Feel free to download the above image for use on your blog as well.

The items in your list can be anything as long as it's craft related.  

Here's my list for 2017:
  • Put all my loose floss on bobbins
  • Stitch a design for the candlescreen that I have
  • Assemble my Happy Blocks quilt top
  • Assemble my Crumbs quilt top
  • Finish hand-quilting the Bullseye Quilt
  • Finish the Log Cabin Star wallhanging
  • Hand-quilt at least 10 blocks on my Christmas Strings quilt
  • Finish my Through the Storm cross stitch as a free-standing block
  • Finish my green Temari ball
  • Finish 1 of my Santa kits (not cross stitch)
  • Make bookcases for my sewing room
  • Decorate wooden "S" for my sewing room
As you can see, my quilting needs some attention!  Only 3 of these are cross stitch related.

I hope my progress helps motivate you to make progress on your lists.  Anyone who participates should try to do your updates on the 1st of each month.

I'll also be hosting the Christmas Stitching Challenge again this year.  The initial post will be up on the 15th of January!

Happy Stitching!