Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crafts of My Past & Present

I was just browsing the weekly sale at Herrschners, specifically the Hot Buys, and got a blast-from-the-past feeling.  I am amazed at how many of the different crafts that are on sale that I have tried.  I thought I'd share the crafts that I've done and see how many of you have at least attempted some of them. 

I've added a poll on the right side of the page.  I'd be thrilled to see your responses! 
Update:  For some reason, the poll never worked correctly so I removed it.

Here's my list:

  • Latch Hook - never actually finished one in the past but just bought a small one that I'm going to do for DH for either his birthday or Christmas.
  • Felt kits (not felted) - I made a felt Christmas ornament for DH a few years ago
  • Sequin Art - I finished a horse head and one other though what it was escapes me now
  • Mosaic Art - two Christmases ago, I did an eagle head for DH.  Last Christmas I bought him a kit to do for himself and he gave me a small one that he made for me.
  • Doodle Art - this really brought back memories!  My sisters and I used to buy these at our local PayLess store (now Rite-Aid).  I remember doing the plain paper and the flocked (velvet) kind.
  • Paint-by-Number - the only one that I know I did was of a puppy and kitten.  My grandmother had it  hanging at the end of the hall in her house.
  • Stamped Cross Stitch/Stamped Embroidery - I've tried both of these.  To say that I stink at doing them would be an understatement.  I could never get the stitches to look neat.
  • Plastic Canvas - I made a coaster set.  I have no idea where it went but I remember the coasters were bees.
  • D√©coupage - had a kit when I was about 9.  My mom told me not to attempt it without help - I did anyway; made a mess; got in trouble; haven't attempted it since.
  • Needlepoint - a couple of small ornaments.  Never had the urge to attempt anything larger though I do drool over some of the canvases - they are so lovely!
  • Tatting - a couple of ornaments, a pair of earrings, and a bookmark.  I've mastered needle and shuttle tatting techniques but not well enough to be willing to do anything larger.
  • Knitting - I can handle knit and purl but I'm not comfortable with it.  I did make a couple of scarves; a sweater; and an afghan
  • Crochet - I can and will tackle anything crochet.  I used to love making afghans - now I'd much rather do thread crochet.  I've finished at least 40 afghans; a couple of sweaters; a few doilies; over 50 snowflakes (so far)
  • Bobbin Lace - I bought the basic supplies and have the twist and cross movements down.
  • Cross Stitch - I've been doing this for over 30 years and it's still my greatest passion!
  • Quilting - I am self-taught.  I started my first quilt in 1995.  I've completed at least 9 quilts; have 1 that only needs binding; 1 being hand-quilted now; and at least 3 tops that need to be quilted.
Happy Stitching (or Crafting)


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