Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And yet another project begins...Update

I've made it through all the paper stuff!  The only thing I haven't looked at yet is the slides.
All of the photos are out of their albums/envelopes.  Whoever invented those stupid magnetic page albums should be shot!  Better yet, stuck inside a person-size version of their own album - let them try to get out of that!  Thankfully, there are only a couple of photos where I didn't recognize anyone right away.  Even with those, I have enough other photos that I should be able to compare them with to pinpoint at least some of the family members.

The newspapers have all been gone through to see if they were just kept for historial events or if there were family members mentioned.  Any family stuff has been clipped from the paper and marked to indicate the paper's name and issue date.

Now comes the Herculean task of scanning all of this stuff and getting it into scrapbooks!  I'll start with the scanning and then call in one of my sisters to help with the actual scrapbooking.

Oh, guess I need to look at the slides first to see which ones of those need to be scanned and printed so they can be scrapbooked as well.

Happy Everything!


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