Monday, November 12, 2018

Quilt top finish

Whew!  I finished a quilt top (aka a "flimsy") last night.  It's a zipper or cobblestone quilt, though zipper seems to be the preferred name.

Of course, with any form of quilt, a cat has to get involved.  Say "hi" to Spooky.  ;-)

Most of the time, you will see this quilt pattern use whites for the squares.  I happened to have a lot of black squares so I used them instead.

The squares are 2" (1½" finished) and the bricks (rectangles) are 2" x 3½" (1½" x 3" finished).  There are 20 square/brick sets across the width and 61 rows.  Finished size of the top is 90" x 91½".

I'm thinking that I won't put on any borders and I'll bind it with a black & white binding.  That will probably be awhile from now.  I've got so many flimsies that I need to layer, quilt, and bind before this one.

I wanted to get this one finished and off my design wall so that I'd have room to work on Bonnie Hunter's upcoming mystery.  For that, you can find information at Quiltville.  She has the fabric requirements posted and the first step in the mystery will be posted on Black Friday, November 23rd.

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Antique quilt

I know that technically, this quilt might not be "antique" (100 or more years old), but it's close!  The top was made by my great grand aunt who passed in 1945, so at the very least, it's 73 years old.  The pattern is Grandmother's Flower Garden.

My backing fabric is a tone-on-tone white, 108" wide piece.  I did launder it before I started.  The batting is Warm & Natural, off the roll from my local quilt shop.

The fabrics are cottons, flower sacks, and something silky.  That's just in the bit that I've quilted.  Who knows what other fabrics are in it?  I guess I'll find out when I get there.  Some of the hexies are even pieced with seams running through the middle of them!

The yellow centers and the two surrounding rows are what forms a "flower".  The green hexagons (hexies) are the path between the flowers.

I don't have a photo of the entire quilt...yet, but here is a shot of it as I was loading it on my quilting frame.  The bottom edge wasn't pinned yet which is why it looks wrinkly.

I've started on hand-quilting it and have made 2 complete "passes" and started on my third.  A pass is filling in the available workable area from center to left then center to right (or vise versa).

The first pass, took care of the bottom yellow border and some of the green path hexies.  I'm using Meandering Leaves as the stencil for the yellow border and I'm stitching with a green from Essential Threads.  For the green hexies, I'm using the 6-petaled flower from the Dritz stencil Cornered Feathers 4" and I'm using G├╝termann thread in a variegated yellow.

For every green hexie, I'm putting money in a jar.  A penny each for the first 4, the 5th is a nickel, then pennies until the 10th which is a dime, the 25th is a quarter and so on.  The money that I save up will go toward my new quilting studio (see previous post for more info).

The flowers are getting quilted in simple arcs which creates 12-petaled flowers.  I'm using the yellow G├╝termann thread for these, too.

I've completed 3 of the 5 flowers on the first row of the quilt and I'm getting close to the last of the green hexies heading left from the center.  It will be nice to get to the left border just for a color change.

Happy Stitching!


Monday, November 5, 2018

Quilt begins

Months ago, I was trying to move some shelving (the kind on wall brackets) to an alcove in my upstairs sewing room.  Hubby came up to help me as I was having issues that I figured couldn't be overcome (no studs in the side wall).  Unfortunately, I was correct and the shelves would have to stay where they were.

As he was heading back downstairs, hubby suggested that I turn our "back room" into my quilting studio.  He's a darling man, I'm definitely keeping him.  We've just been using that room as a "dumping" area for stuff.  My office does occupy about 1/3 of it, and my piano is the only thing in the other 2/3, apart from the "stuff".

Just a couple of days after hubby made his brilliant suggestion, my father-in-law moved in while recovering from foot surgery.  The 2/3 of the room became his office and bedroom.  My piano got pushed into a closet area and all the other stuff got removed from the room.  This past Saturday, after 4½ months, FIL moved back to his own house!

Now that all of FIL's stuff is back at his house, I have a blank canvas to work with.  It's going to be a looonnngg process!  Here's my starting point:

You can just see the edge of my desk and chair in the foreground.  Everything from there to the piano will be my quilting studio!  The piano will end up staying in the alcove (former closet).  First up, painting!  Since I'm going to put in new flooring, it makes sense to paint first so that I don't have to worry about spills or spatter.

The brownish ceiling will be first and it's going to be white.  There is only one window in this room and one exterior door so there isn't much natural light.  I'm going to paint directly over the paneling in a soft white.  The piano alcove and the interior of the closet to the right will be light, beachy tones.  Probably a blue or green sea-glass tone.

Okay, I said painting was first.  It's not.  I have to clear out the rest of the room as best I can in order to paint.  I'm making a start, but as hubby would put it, I'm puttering at it.  ;-)

Will post updates as they happen!  Don't hold your breathe between posts though.  I'm only going to do things as I can pay for them in cash.  I'm not going into debt (no credit card purchases) to do this project!

Happy Stitching!


Monday, September 17, 2018

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Charmed

I had such lovely feedback on both of my quilts in the Blogger's Quilt Festival last time, that I thought I'd show 2 quilts this time as well.

The second quilt, I call "Charmed".

I made this for my dear friend, Megan.  She and I have been friends for 39 years.  I don't know how that's possible, since neither one of us is over 29!  

I call this "Charmed" because it's similar to the old charm quilts.

"Charm quilts are quilts that are made using a different fabric for each piece of the pattern." 

Mine isn't quite that scrappy.  Since I used a four-patch, I did duplicate each fabric - once.  Each four-patch has 2 fabrics, one pair of each fabric.  However, the fabric pairs in each four-patch are not repeated in the quilt.  I also used just one black and one white fabric for all the sashing, cornerstones, and borders.

I think I need to make her a new one though.  Last time I saw this quilt, it was well-loved and quite faded.  Hmm, I've always wanted to make a French Braid quilt, maybe I'll do a purple one for her.

Edited to add:  I don't know if Megan even knows I have a blog so no idea if she'll see this or not.  We do talk and "see" each other on FB.

Happy Stitching!


Blogger's Quilt Festival: Bull's Eye!

The Blogger's Quilt Festival was so much fun last time, I thought I'd join in again!

This is one of my favorite quilts that I've made...well of the finished ones, anyway!

The blocks in this quilt were part of an internet exchange.  Everyone made one 11" unfinished block, then whacked it into quarters, kept one of their quarters, and sent the other 3 to the exchange hostess.  That means that at least 1/4 of the block in this were mine.

I played with different layouts before I chose the one above.  Here are some of my other options:

This one was fine, but it didn't really "speak" to me.

I liked this one a lot even though I didn't use it.  I'm planning on making another one just so I can do this layout!

I did end up hand-quilting it.  Here's a photo of it on my Grace frame:

...and here's a close-up of the actual quilting:

I used Essential Threads, primary colors (red, yellow, blue).  The black border has an oak leaf stipple, the white border is a simple chain, and the body of the quilt is a rose stipple.

For anyone interested, I do have a tutorial for the block here.  Here's what one complete block looks like before and after "whacking" it.  Seeing it like this, helps explain the Bull's Eye name:


I hope you like my quilt as much as I do.  It was so much fun to make and it's definitely one of the cheerier quilts I've done!

Happy Stitching!


Monday, September 3, 2018

God Speed progress

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday, I finished page 12 on God Speed from HAED!.  This girl has some really long hair and, boy, is she a carrot top!  ;-)

You can also see some of the other knights that are just outside the portcullis.  When I was stitching them, they just looked like dark blobs.  It's amazing how a few lighter stitches around the edges can bring something into focus!

Next project chosen by my randomizer app:  Sistine Chapel.  It's been awhile since I've worked on this one.  I will be working on page 7.

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

New start progress pic!

I started a new project!  I had my largest scroll frame open after I finished La Belle Dame Sans Merci so I chose something that would make the best use of the size:  Supersized Farewell to Anger MC from HAED.

Before you ask, yes, I am crazy.  Oh wait, you want to know what Supersized and MC mean?  Okay.  Supersized means that the longest side, in this case the top/bottom, is maxed out at 999 stitches.  The overall size is 999 x 660 for a total of 659,340 stitches.

MC stands for Max Colors (or Colours for my UK readers).  On this chart the MC means 240 colors are used.  See, I told you I was crazy!

It gets better (or worse)!  In order to fit this on my 30" (76.2cm) scroll frame, I did the calculations and figured out I need to stitch it on 40ct. to get it to fit without stitching it sideways.  Yes, I've done that before and it's not hard, but I did want to keep the finished size manageable so I wouldn't have to spend a fortune on framing.

Sunday night, I finished the first page!  Only 90 more to go!

I meant to put a coin on the fabric for a size reference but I forgot to grab one.  The stitched area is 2" (50.8cm) wide x 2.45" (6.22cm) high which is smaller than a standard sized business card.

I should mention that I'm doing this in half stitches with one strand because, after all, it is 40ct.  I did start out doing full crosses but I found it too hard to see where the missing stitches were so I restarted in half stitches.

Since I finished this page, that means next up in my rotation is God Speed.  

Happy Stitching!