Sunday, March 17, 2013

And yet another project begins...

No, it's not cross-stitching.  My grandmother recently moved out of her house into a senior's apartment complex.  All of the family photos, documents, papers, etc. are now in my house.  Since I'm the family genealogist, this was always expected.  I just didn't have a clue how MUCH stuff that encompasses!

Right now, I'm just sorting through it all.  Things are getting put into categories:


Once I have all the boxes sorted, I'll "attack" the photos and get them all identified, scanned and scrapbooked.  Thankfully, my grandfather and I had gone through most of his family's photos before he passed, so I do know who's who.  My grandmother's family doesn't have as many photos and I went through them with her just over a year ago.

The bugger is really going to be the newspapers/clippings.  My grand aunt was a school teacher for 40+ years and kept stuff relating to her students so I'm really going to have to pay attention there.

Happy Stitching (and sorting)!


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