Monday, October 21, 2013

WIP update: Rapunzel

I've finished page 7 on Rapunzel (Dawe) from HAED.  Here is how she's looking now:

Now that that page is complete, I'm rotating back to my focus piece:  12 Days of Christmas by Teresa Wentzler.  Oh, I did remember to update the progress bar at the right.  I usually forget to do that.

I've also started working on my HAED BB SAL piece, Mystic Garden.  This is a freebie offered by HAED to their bulletin board (BB) members.  I'll be working on this during Monday Night Football games and possibly during the day when work permits (it's great being the boss!).

Happy Stitching!



demeter83 said...

Looks lovely, I don't think I've seen anyone else working on this before

Stacy C. said...

I haven't seen anyone else working on this either. With so many HAEDs to choose from, it's not too surprising.

sharine said...

Beautiful progress:)