Thursday, July 7, 2016


Hey All!

As most of you know, I've discovered digital scrapbooking.  Well, I finished a scrapbook of the photos from my childhood.  I've done it so that myself and my two sisters each have at least a couple of pages to ourselves.  Holidays, vacations, and pets we owned are each grouped together.

I ordered 1 printed and bound version.  I only ordered 1 right now, because I have never done this before and I want to see if it's worth the money before I buy 2 more of them.

The "waiting" part is, thankfully, only until tomorrow.  I just tracked it and it should be delivered then!  I haven't seen most of these photos in print since before I got married.  I've had the digital photos for about 5 years now but haven't been able to print them.  Most of them were polaroids and last time I checked, their size wasn't an option from some of the better quality photo printers.

Here's one of the pages of just me:

I ordered the album as a 12" x 12" hardcover with photo and lay-flat pages.  Here's the cover (using the only professionally photographed picture in the album):

I'm the tall one with my middle sister on the left and youngest on the right.  If the album is even half as nice as I'm hoping, you can guess what my sisters are each getting for Christmas!  My youngest sister doesn't have any copies of our childhood photos, digital or otherwise so I know she'll be thrilled.

There are some photos that I didn't use in the album but I'm going to put all of the digitals on a CD and include it with the album.

I've already got an album for my mother planned, showing her family tree, but I want to see the print one before I start work on it.

Well, now I can get back to stitching for a bit.

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

La Belle Dame progress and more

Hello out there!

Back on Friday, I had a page finish on La Belle Dame Sans Merci!  That makes 22 pages done.

I also got a new-to-me camera.  It's not great but the price was right and my camera had completely died.  Now I don't have to borrow hubby's camera!

Also, it's not on my "official" finish it up list, but I finally got my ribbons from last year's fairs hung up.  The photo is at a weird angle because these are hung along the staircase wall.  The very top 2 rosettes and the bottom partial row of blue/purple ribbons are the ones from last year.

On the Official HAED FB group, there is a stitching challenge going on right now.  It involves parking...not my favorite thing.  However, I am making progress so that's a good thing.  This project is Mini Wings in Repose (retired).

Happy Stitching!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Finish It Up Challenge

I will admit that I nearly forgot to post this update.  To me, it's Friday - beyond that I don't care!  lol

I did make progress on my list, but no photos for it.

  1. Bind my 4-patch quilt (poor thing's been waiting for over 2years)  finished on 21 Feb 2016
  2. Remove last of carpet in sewing room  finished on 10 April 2016
  3. Finish my "Merry Christmas" framed set  finished on 4 May 2016
  4. Tidy up all my quilting scraps not sure of the date, but they're organized!
  5. Frame my Mother's Tree.
  6. Clean off my scrapbooking desk so I can actually scrapbook!  clean enough to work on 15 Jan 2016
  7. Finish the Disneyland scrapbook for my sister
  8.  List the rest of the items I have set aside to sell on Etsy.  finished on 7 Jan 2016
  9. Re-starch/shape the rest of my crocheted snowflakes.  finished on 29 Feb 2016

My quilting yardage has always been neatly stored.  It was the small pieces of fabric that were the problem.  Well, now they are all in those plastic bins with drawers or shoe-box sized plastic containers.  I can't really photograph them 'cause I don't have room to get far enough away to take a photo!

The containers are all tucked away under my cutting table.  There's only enough room between the table and my design wall for me to work.

I have started back on a quilting project that was getting in the way but I find I need more maroon fabric.  I have plenty of red but none dark enough to coordinate.  Bummer, I need to go shopping!

Happy Stitching!