Friday, January 9, 2015

Progress Photo: PTP Floral Arrangement

My latest rotation project was PTP Floral Arrangement from HAED.

I can't really do an accurate figure on how far along I am as it's an oval shape so I've just been counting each page as a percentage of the whole.

Anyway, I've just completed page 9 of 16!  I'm doing this in half stitches, aka tent stitches, on 40ct. linen.  I've used one strand for the floss and two strands for the blending filament.

Next up in the rotation is one of my HAP SAL projects, and also my focus piece:  La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's SAL

Well, here's my starting information for the 2015 HAP SAL.  I have 5 projects that I'm including in this SAL.

Here they are with their appropriate photos and details.

God Speed ~ Heaven and Earth Designs ~ 300 x 419 ~ 23.07% done

La Belle Dame Sans Merci ~ Heaven and Earth Designs ~ 575 x 389 ~ 41.67% done

Rapunzel (Dawe) ~ Heaven and Earth Designs ~ 400 x 386 ~ 30.3% done

Sistine Chapel ~ Heaven and Earth Designs ~ 350 x 997 ~ 8.73% done

Floral Finesse ~ The Heart's Content ~ 396 x 344 ~ not started

So what HAPs are you doing for the SAL?   

Be sure to get me a link to your own blog!!!

Happy Stitching!