Tuesday, November 3, 2015

HAP SAL update - November

Well, at least I'm consistent:  I'm late again and have made no progress on my "official" HAP projects.

I have completed the top 413 rows of stitches on my own design.  I will say this:  there is a box of "stuff" at the top, then 7 bands/lines, etc. below.  The "box" and first 4 bands are done, just 3 bands to go.

It would go more quickly if I'd stop messing up.  Seriously!  I had to re-stitch one 15 x 27 (stitches) area twice!  After the first few stitches went in, I didn't like it and had to redesign it.  Then I had to frog most of the new stitches out 'cause I'd miscounted.

Oh, well!

Happy Stitching!