Thursday, September 15, 2016

Yes, I realize that I missed the last 2 months of this challenge!  I really didn't do much Christmas stitching those months, maybe 50 stitches, so you're not missing anything.

I did finish another ornament this past month.  It's another Mill Hill Santa - I love these guys!

Here's the latest one done:

Again, I have started on the hat for the next one, but haven't finished it yet.

Happy Stitching!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Oops! Updates

Oops!  I forgot to do my Finish It Up update this month.  That's probably because I only have 1 item left to do on my list and I'm not likely to get to it anytime soon.  My list has stalled looking like this:

  1. Bind my 4-patch quilt (poor thing's been waiting for over 2years)
  2. Remove last of carpet in sewing room (it's really in the way and is hampering my crafts)
  3. Finish my "Merry Christmas" framed set
  4. Tidy up all my quilting scraps
  5. Frame my Mother's Tree.
  6. Clean off my scrapbooking desk so I can actually scrapbook!
  7. Finish the Disneyland scrapbook for my sister
  8.  List the rest of the items I have set aside to sell on Etsy. 
  9. Re-starch/shape the rest of my crocheted snowflakes.
 I had finished #6 and had done some scrapbooking (though not on #7) but my entire office area needs a good tidying including doing #6 again.  (sigh)

I do have an update on my La Belle Dame as well.  I finished another page last night!  That means 23 pages down, 17 to go (8 are small partials).

I've also done okay at garage sales (car boot or jumble sale for my UK followers) for cross stitch stuff this summer.  I scored an American Dreams lap stand with scroll frame (and a needlepoint canvas!) for $5 (£3.75).  I also got a 9" x 21" Lokscroll frame for $1 (75p).  It is missing the "sticks" but I can get them for about $10 (£7.50) including shipping.

No I don't have projects on either of them...yet.  I'm working on it though! 

Happy Stitching!