Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I think I may actually be getting organized in my old age (ok, I'm not really old, I'm only 43)!

My sewing room is really starting to look tidy.  I still have a couple of small areas that need straightening up but on the whole, it's looking good.

In my office area, the computer desk is mostly clean.  The most notable spot is the printer - nothing's stacked on top of it!  ;-)

Also in my office, the other desk is now set up for my scrapbooking.  My scissors are all now on a thread rack which is hanging on the wall.  My scanner, paper cutter, stapler and hole punch are all accessible.  There is enough empty space to layout a 12in x 12in page.

I'm the secretary for my Tuesday night bowling league.  My paperwork for this week has all been entered into the computer and everything I need for next week has been printed and is in my binder ready to go.

This is not like me - Procrastination has always been my friend.  The scary thing is that I find I like the organized me - hope I can hang on to her!

Happy Stitching (and organizing)!


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