Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've made a start...

on getting my photos out of those nasty magnetic page albums and into acid-free scrapbooks.

I'm not one of those scrapbookers that has to have every page "just so" with all of the fancy flourishes.  I do like to have my pages look nice but relatively uncluttered.  I print the photo descriptions on card stock usually using the same font throughout the album.  To give a little bit of interest, I do trim the card stock using the fun and funky scissors available.  Currently, I have 11 different scissors for this part of the job.

Hopefully, I can get a few pages done each day.  I have two of the magnetic page albums and they are my first priority.  The other albums I have (that aren't acid-free) have the slide-in style pages so they're not as bad for the photos or as difficult to work with.

I've made up six (12in x 12in) pages today - I just need to print and mount the description for each photo.

Wish me luck!


Update:  Those six pages are completely done and in their new album!

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