Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Window Quilt

I first heard about window quilts from one of my online groups (StashBuilders).  After doing a Google search, I found a couple of sites that I found particularly helpful:

Energy Boomer: Window Quilts
Design Your Own Insulating Window Quilts

Using both these sites, I decided to make my own window quilt for in my sewing room.  Here's how I did it:

  • Measured the inside of the window frame.  Mine was 26" x 56".
  • Cut muslin for the backing.  I cut it about 32" x 60" so that I'd have plenty and I would trim the excess later.
  • Cut up an old king-size flannel sheet for the batting layer.  Since it was a king-size, there was enough to give me two layers for extra insulation.
  • Chose a pattern for the front which faces into the room.  I'd never done a Disappearing 9 patch before so this seemed like a good time to try it.
  • Once I finished the top, I put the four layers together and did a simple quilt in the ditch on my sewing machine.
  • Trimmed the backing and fillers 1/2" smaller than the front.
  • Folded 1/4" of the front border under then folded it around to the back instead of using bias binding.
  • Made a hanging sleeve approximately 3" narrower than the width of the quilt.
  • Cut two ties 2" x 50" from the same material as my borders.
  • At the top edge of my quilt, I pinned the:  folded edge from my front border; then the hanging sleeve on top of that; then my ties (6" in from each side).
  • Starting at the top, I sewed through the binding, sleeve and ties then continued around the rest of the quilt just sewing down the binding.
  • Blind-stitched the bottom edge of the hanging sleeve.
  • Hung the quilt on a tension rod.
Here's what the front of the quilt looks like (before I put the layers together):

And here is what the window quilt looks like hanging in the window:

Happy Stitching!


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Lulu said...

Beautiful job! I hope this project helps keep you a little warmer this winter while also looking great :)