Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My sewing/stitching room

Recently, I was inspired by Moda Bake Shop's Show Off Your Stash Link Party to really clean and organize my sewing/stitching room.

Here the photos of my favorite room in our house (except for the carpet).  You can click on any of the photos for a larger view.

First of all, my sewing room is upstairs.  Here is the view looking down.  I love the quilts that I have hanging in the stairwell.  As you can see, my cat Spooky likes my room as well.  The veil in the upper right was from my wedding.

Here is the start of my quilting area which is all on one side of the room.  I got the idea for stacking my fabric like this from Quiltville.  The top shelf has my radio/cd player plus some quilt tops that need finishing.  The fourth shelf down has all my pretty precuts.  Any tools or accessories for my sewing are in the sewing box on the floor.

Here is my cutting and design area.  The table is from Joann's online.  The blank wall to the left is my design wall.  I put a layer of high loft, polyester quilt batting on the wall and then put a piece of wide white flannel on top.  In the background, you can see my ironing board.  The quilt hanging on the wall was made by my grandmother.

The plastic drawers hold my crochet threads, ribbons I've won, orphan quilt blocks and some miscellaneous stuff.  The chest of drawers has my cross stitch fabric; fat quarters; misc. fabrics.  On top you will see my wedding bouquet.  The two leather boxes hold my collection of frame samples for when I choose a frame for my completed cross stitch projects.  I order my frames from Picture

Next we come to my cross stitch area.  The bags are for holding small projects that I can work on away from home.  My WIPs that are awaiting their turn are hanging on the wall.  The glider rocker (and ottoman) and the Ott Lite were gifts from my DH.  Actually, the floor stand was too!  Yes, I am spoiled!  The project in progress is Rapunzel - Dawe from Heaven and Earth Designs.

In this odd alcove, I have a filing cabinet which holds my cross stitch patterns (top drawer); crochet books and patterns (next drawer); quilting books and patterns (lower drawer); and craft glues and misc. kits (bottom drawer).  The armoire has all of my Mill Hill beads; cross stitch kits; yarns; misc. tools; misc. craft supplies.  On top of the old sewing machine is my DVD player and to the right is another gift from DH - a LCD tv!  (You didn't think I was kidding when I said I was spoiled, did you?)

And in this corner, we have my books (mostly non-craft); my cross stitch magazines; my DMC floss collection and my Kreinik metallics (bottom right); and the shoe box tubs have various-sized cuts of material for quilting.

And here we are back at the top of the stairs.  The hope chest holds my quilt batting and gives Spooky a perch for looking out the window to our backyard and the alley.

Here is my attempt at a 360° view of my room.  It's a little wonky in spots:

Happy Stitching!



DUSTY said...

Great stitching room !! I am envious !!

Neva Kreutziger said...

If only mine would look that good!

Stacy C. said...


We've lived in this house for 15 years and I've finally got it organized! The sad part is, it has always been my craft room so I can't blame the delay on anything other than myself.

Laurie L. said...

I love your crafting room! Thanks for all of the organizing ideas, most of them seem like they would be easy to implement with some time, effort, & a little bit of money. I am especially in love with your cross stitching set up!