Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scrap Afghan

Here is a photo of a scrap afghan I designed and crocheted.  It's pretty simple to do and a great way to use up yarn, particularly if you have a good bit of a color but not enough to make anything by itself.

I've listed directions below but since I was just trying to use up some yarn, I didn't measure anything so nothing is exact!

You will need:
  • Afghan hook - I used a size J (US).
  • Solid color yarn for the primary color (A), several ounces  (I used ecru in mine.)
  • Various yarn colors (B), probably a couple ounces of each
  • Using color A, make a chain as wide as you want your afghan to be.
  • Work 5 rows of afghan stitch.  All rows are worked in this stitch.
  • Rows 6-10:  Continuing in afghan stitch, bring up 5 loops of color A; switch to color B and bring up loops in color B until you are within 5 stitches of the end of the row.  Switch back to color A for the last 5 loops.  I found it easiest to have a separate skein or ball of color A for these last five loops.
  • Working back across Row, do 5 stitches in color A; switch to color B; do last 5 stitches in A.
  • Rows 11-15:  work in color A.
  • Repeat rows 6-15 until afghan measures as large as you'd like; do not finish off.
  • For border:  in top of third stitch from hook work 8 treble crochet (fan made).  Skip 3 stitches; work 8 treble crochet in next stitch.  Continue across to the third stitch from the end, work 8 treble crochet.  Do not work in the corner - skip to the third stitch past the corner and continue around.  Finish off.
Because you are choosing the length of your initial chain, you may need to adjust by a stitch or two across each side as you work the border.

If you make an afghan based on these directions, I would love to see your work!

Happy Stitching!


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Cathy Pavlovich said...

That's lovely! That scalloped border really finishes it off nicely.