Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas Stitching Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Well, for 2017, I don't have any progress to report on Christmas Stitching.  I'll admit, I'm not even done packing up the Christmas décor from last month.  I still have a 7' Christmas tree up in my office area!  The ornaments are off it, but I still need to get the lights off and then pack the tree away.

It's been cold here (WA state coast).  Not like most of the US, but cold for here.  The difficult part is the insulation, or lack thereof, in my house.  My office area is currently 58.8°F (14.9°C).  The chill in the house is keeping me in the living/dining rooms 'cause that's where the fireplace is (we have a wood insert - it's the only source of heat).  I have been getting some stitching done...just not Christmas themed!  ;-)

I am close to a page finish on my La Belle Dame so I'll see about popping a Christmas project into my rotation.  I'm thinking that this year, I'm going to concentrate on a larger piece - probably the Victoria Sampler's Heirloom Nativity Sampler.

I was going to mention my post-Christmas purchase, then I realized that I'd done that in my last post.  I think the cold office is affecting my brain.  Back in front of the fire I go...

Happy Stitching!


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