Thursday, January 19, 2017

La Belle Dame... progress!

Good Morning, Everyone!

I finally finished a page on La Belle Dame Sans Merci

It's been cold here lately and the space heater in my sewing room died, so I've been stitching in the living room next to the fire.  The only problem with that is there are more distractions than I'm used to so I haven't been stitching as intensely as normal.  ;-)

This is actually a page and a bit.  The bottom row of pages are only 6 stitches high, so I'm including them as I work on each full page above.  That means that this is page 25 & page 33 done.

I'm excited that I'm on the last row of pages!  While I love this pattern, I'll be glad to finish it - that means I'll have a scroll frame empty for another big project!  lol

I'm taking a break from stitching for a day or two.  Not burned out or anything, but I've started working on getting all of my floss on bobbins.  I have more than I thought needing to be done.

I've also created a database for all of my specialty threads (non-DMC).  I do have an app [XStitcher] to inventory all of my DMC but I needed something for all the other threads I have.*

The app that I'm using for my inventory list is AirTable.  It's free for Apple - I don't know if it works on any other operating system.

* XStitcher does have inventory capabilities for GAST, Weeks Dye Works, and Anchor but I would rather have all of my specialty threads listed together.

Happy Stitching!


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