Monday, January 9, 2017

This & That + WIP update

Hey Everyone!

Happy 2017!  I hope everybody had a great holiday season!

I didn't get a cold, which is a minor miracle, so that is excellent.  I'm also another year older, not just due to the new year, but because I had my birthday (Dec. 27).

For Christmas, I got jewelry from Hubby and a gift certificate from my Mom.  I haven't used the g.c. yet but I know at least some of what I'm going to get.  I bought this:

The pattern is called:  Rosarium and is by Chatelaine Designs.  I'd been searching for a US source for a different Chatelaine pattern and while I did find one, it was less expensive to buy it directly from the designer - even with the $ to  € exchange rate.  I would rather give my money to the designer any way, so I did.  The other up side to this was I had the pattern within minutes!

I'll be spending part of my 123stitch g.c. on some of the flosses and embellishments that I'll need for this pattern.  I'll be buying some other "stuff" as well so I won't be getting everything for Rosarium all at once.

Now for a WIP update!  The HAED FB page has another challenge going on right now (it started Jan. 1).  I've been working on Mini Wings in Repose (retired pattern) as my challenge piece when it meets the "requirements".  Well, this time it did so I worked on it.  I finished this challenge, which is to finish a page of 7300 or more stitches, on Saturday night.  Here's my progress:

I'm doing this 1x1 on 32ct. in half stitches.  This completes page 4 of the chart.  At the bottom right corner of what I've just stitched, you can see the swan's head starting to form.

Well, it's cold at my desk, so I'm going to go sit by the fire and possibly stitch.  I'm working on La Belle... again, apart from the short break on Mini Wings...

Happy Stitching!


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