Monday, May 5, 2014

A thoughtful post...

This post is full of my thoughts while stitching.  In particular, with regards to TW's 12 Days of Christmas.  As my loyal readers know, 12 Days has been the focus piece in my rotation.  Every other time I've rotated, I've switched back to this one so that I would eventually get it finished.

Well, 12 Days got it's turn again last week.  It was time to work on Day 10: 10 Lords a Leaping.

Since the borders are done over 2 using blended colors, I've been cutting long lengths of each color then threading 6 needles with all the blended strands.

I started by doing the borders for Day 10 and had threaded needles sitting there so I thought: 
"I find doing the borders boring, so I'll just do as much as I can on the Day 11 & 12 borders with these threaded needles."

When I finished using up the pre-threaded needles, I thought:
"I'm so close to finishing the borders, I might as well get them done.  I'll backstitch them too 'cause I hate backstitching."

After I'd finished the borders, I thought:
"The holly in the corners is easy to do, so I'll do the holly on all three remaining days."

With the holly all done, I thought:
"If I stitch the 'of Christmas' for each of the 3 days left, I can discard that page of pattern."

After I threw away the "of Christmas" part of the pattern, I realized that I didn't enjoy the lettering due to all of the backstitching, so I thought:
"If I get all the lettering done, I'll only have to do the inside area for each day.  That will speed up my progress when I rotate back to this project."

Once I'd finished all of the lettering, I started working on the center of Day 10.  It was going along so quickly, I thought:
"Hmm, why don't I just finish the other 2 days as well."

After all that thinking, 12 Days of Christmas is DONE!

Now I'm heading back to my craft room to see what my next rotation project will be.

Happy Stitching!



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Very pretty!

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Carla Eldridge said...

Strangely I had those very same thoughts....and then went back to work on a different project, ha, ha!