Wednesday, May 9, 2018

2018 FIU Update

I've finally made progress on a couple of my list items:  adding "stuff" to my Etsy shop and my Bullseye Quilt.
On the Etsy progress:  I'm mostly done with adding the cross stitch items, but I have quite a few quilting items still to add.  For my blog readers, I have a coupon code BLOGREADER which will give you 5% off any purchase over $10 (does not apply to shipping).

On my Bullseye quilt, I'm about 75% done.  The way it is rolled on my frame, I can actually see the far border but am still stitching on the blocks.
  • Stitch a design for the candlescreen that I have
  • Finish hand-quilting the Bullseye Quilt
  • Finish the log cabin star wall hanging
  • Start hand-quilting my grand aunt's grandmother's flower garden quilt top
  • Clean up the nook area in my sewing room - made a start, barely
  • Finish the mystery quilt top I've started - finished 3 February
  • Clean and re-frame my hummingbirds cross stitch
  • Post all the stuff I have waiting to be listed in my Etsy shop
  • Clean up my scrapbooking area
  • Make a start on archival scanning of all my family photographs
  • Get my printed recipes put into my recipe software (Living Cookbook)

Yes, I'm being silly with the strike-through on the list.

The scanning of my family photos might not happen this year.  My flatbed scanner died, may it R.I.P.  I loved that thing!  I'm saving up for a new-ish one.  I don't need one of the really new ones, just something a bit newer that what I had.  It'll have to work with my old-ish laptop which is why I'm avoiding a truly new one.

Happy Stitching!


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Leonore Winterer said...

I'm sad about your dead scanner, but yay for getting things done! That's such a lovely feeling, isn't it?