Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mail Call

Oooh, a catalog from The Stitchery came today.  Let's see what potential treasures caught my fancy (wishlist not shopping cart, sigh).
The cover photo is cool.  Goldfinches are the state bird here.


I'm really into earrings (as long as they're not gold-colored) and these are gorgeous.

Since Christmas/Winter is my favorite time of year...


These aren't all I liked but they are my favorites.

Happy Stitching!



McKenna C. said...

Those are all very pretty!


mdgtjulie said...

They're all lovely, Stacy. I especially love those earrings. They're wonderful!!

Melinda said...

Love Noel... Have never ordered from here, have you ever reviewed it?

Stacy C. said...


I honestly don't remember what I ordered from them but I know that it was exactly as described. Since I don't have a LNS, most of my shopping is done online or via catalog.