Tuesday, July 5, 2016

La Belle Dame progress and more

Hello out there!

Back on Friday, I had a page finish on La Belle Dame Sans Merci!  That makes 22 pages done.

I also got a new-to-me camera.  It's not great but the price was right and my camera had completely died.  Now I don't have to borrow hubby's camera!

Also, it's not on my "official" finish it up list, but I finally got my ribbons from last year's fairs hung up.  The photo is at a weird angle because these are hung along the staircase wall.  The very top 2 rosettes and the bottom partial row of blue/purple ribbons are the ones from last year.

On the Official HAED FB group, there is a stitching challenge going on right now.  It involves parking...not my favorite thing.  However, I am making progress so that's a good thing.  This project is Mini Wings in Repose (retired).

Happy Stitching!


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