Monday, April 4, 2016

New Project

Ok, I've got a "bump" in my rotation.  On the HAED FB page, there is a challenge that runs from 1April 2016 - 15 June 2015.  The easiest way to qualify for the challenge was to have a new start (bummer).

The challenge itself is to do a full page (between 7300-7800 stitches) in cross country stitching.  Since that's the way I stitch anyway, I thought "Why not?".  The specific nature of this challenge is to stitch all of one color on the entire page before switching to another color.  Okay, that's taking a bit more thought.  I tend to switch colors very frequently.  The down side is if I make a mistake on the first color, I'm going to have to frog a bit more than I would normally.  I know - I've had to frog twice so far.

The up side is that since I've got one color done correctly (now), it seems easier to get the next color in its proper place.

Here's my first page with one color completely done:

It's hard to see because it's DMC 168 on white fabric.  The second color is a bit darker so my next update photo should be easier to see.  Some of these stitches were ones that got frogged so they're not all in the correct position in this photo.  ;-)

Oh, for those of you wondering what this will eventually be...tough.  Just kidding!  It's a retired  HAED pattern:  Mini Wings in Repose.

Happy Stitching!



Karen said...

This will be a pleasure to watch. I have mini Wings in Repose in my stash.

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh, it will be lovely to watch this one grow :) I got the non-mini Wings in Repose shortly before it was retired, but haven't gotten around to starting it yet.

Heather said...

Nice start I'll be starting my challenge soon too :)