Tuesday, November 3, 2015

HAP SAL update - November

Well, at least I'm consistent:  I'm late again and have made no progress on my "official" HAP projects.

I have completed the top 413 rows of stitches on my own design.  I will say this:  there is a box of "stuff" at the top, then 7 bands/lines, etc. below.  The "box" and first 4 bands are done, just 3 bands to go.

It would go more quickly if I'd stop messing up.  Seriously!  I had to re-stitch one 15 x 27 (stitches) area twice!  After the first few stitches went in, I didn't like it and had to redesign it.  Then I had to frog most of the new stitches out 'cause I'd miscounted.

Oh, well!

Happy Stitching!



Heather said...

Creepy frog! Sorry he visited hopefully he stays away for the rest!

Leonore Winterer said...

You're making me ever more curious for your own design. Lock that frog in the cellar and stitch fast so we can see! :D