Friday, October 9, 2015

Answer #10 - Half Stitch vs. Tent Stitch

Diane asked:

The only difference I see is where you came up and down with the needle, therefore I don't see why there is a difference between half stitch and tent stitch?

You are correct that the only difference between half and tent stitch is where you come up and down.  The differences are noticeable though.

Tent stitch is used primarily in needlepoint.  Since needlepoint is usually done on canvas, adequate coverage is important.  Also for something that may be used to be handled, say a pillow or chair cover, the more thread used the better it will last.

In cross stitch, the material is a closer weave and good coverage is not as difficult to achieve.  If it's something that is going to be framed (or otherwise not handled), there is no need for the extra thread for durability.

Here's an example showing both stitches from the front and the back.  The amount of thread used doing tent stitch is over double what you would use in half stitch.

I hope this helps!

Happy Stitching!



Lynn said...

Your diagram was helpful, thanks. This might be a silly question, but where do you start the next (return) row using the tent stitch?

DUSTY said...

Wonderful explanation

Heather said...

Very helpful thanks!

Leonore Winterer said...

Thanks for the explanation; I was always wondering why people chose to do the more complicated route (with tent stitch) :)

Stacy C. said...


The return trip on tent stitch would be 180° from the diagram. You would start on the same end you finished the previous row. Your odd numbers would be to the left of the even numbers. You would be working the stitches left to right but the row would be going right to left.