Friday, August 28, 2015

New patterns in my Etsy shop!

I've just added 3 new patterns to my Etsy shop, XedStitches.  They are a Unicorn, a Scottish Terrier, or a Christmas stocking done in Scottish tartans!

As with all of my Scottish tartan cross stitch patterns, the cost is $10US per chart.  Since I email them, there are no shipping charges!

The unicorn pattern is 233w x 298h.  Here are examples shown in the Sinclair (red) and Watson (blue) tartans:

The Scottish Terrier pattern is 245w x 186h.  These examples are using the Borthwick (gray/red) and Buchanan (yellow) tartans.

The Christmas stocking pattern is 193w x 280h.  You have your choice of toe to the right (shown in Akins) or toe to the left (shown in Thain).

Here are the other styles of Scottish tartan charts I offer:

A map of Scotland, 247w x 318h (shown in the Dalrymple tartan):

A Celtic knot, 349w x 170h (shown in the Campbell tartan):

A heart, 214w x 197h (shown in the Armstrong tartan):

A rampant lion, 219w x 248h (shown in the Stewart mourning tartan):

A Celtic cross, 137w x 250h (shown in the Menzies black & red):

A thistle, 264w x 297h (shown in the Ogilvie tartan):

I also have Old English style individual letters available.  They range in width from 108 - 180 but are each 150 stitches high.  I refer to them as my Monogram patterns.  If you wanted the Campbell tartan, you would get the "C", MacDonald would get the "M", etc.

Of course, I also offer "full" tartan patterns.  These are all square but cover one repeat of the requested tartan (with a small handful of exceptions).  They range in size from about 80 stitches square to over 600 with most falling in the 160-300 range.

Happy Stitching!



Heather said...

These are pretty cool. Nice work :)

Carla Eldridge said...

Now I have to check and make sure I have your store favorited...I KNOW I do, but I LOVE this so much I will now make sure!