Monday, June 1, 2015

HAP SAL Progress Report

Boy how time does fly!  It's time once again, for the HAP SAL update.

I had to look at last month's update to figure out what I'd actually worked on since then.

I did finish that partial page on La Belle Dame.  So it went from this to this:


Not a huge difference, but it was progress.  Actually, that means I had a row finish!  Woo hoo!

After the partial page on La Belle Dame, my randomizer app chose Rapunzel (Dawe) as my next project.

Here she was at the beginning of the year and after the page finish I had a couple of days ago:

She now has one eye, which is great but still kind of creepy.  That means that Rapunzel has now gone from 30.3% to 35.05% done.

I did switch back to La Belle Dame a couple of days ago, but I've also been painting another piece of furniture so I've only put in a couple hundred stitches - no photo.

Happy Stitching!



Leonore Winterer said...

Great progress, and a new page finish already - wooo! I didn't do a specific post for this SAL this time, but I am posting my progress on my HAP every week, so I hope that is still okay :)

Katie said...

Gorgeous progress!

Leigh said...

Congrats on the page finish AND row finish!