Thursday, November 6, 2014

Answer #4 - Sistine Chapel

Well, since I've had a few questions specifically about the Sistine Chapel (SC) that I'm working on, I thought I'd answer them in a separate post.  So this is actually more than one question but I'm "bundling" them.  ;-)

Connie asked:

"I'd love to know how big this piece is gonna end up being when you get done. Number of stitches?"

All of my WIPs have their own progress bar over there -----> 

That will show how many total stitches, number of stitches done, and percentage completed.  For SC, I have completed 30,478 stitches out of 348,950 stitches.  That puts me at 8.73% done.

As to the completed size, I'm doing it over 1 on 34ct. linen.  The pattern is 350w x 997h.  That means the finished piece will be 10.29" x 29.32"  (26cm x 74.5cm).

Michelle asked:
"Because of its length and width it really doesn't fit on to a frame, I would have to fold part of it and work top section then the bottom section ?"

Michelle, that depends on a few things.  First, the frame.  Me, I'm a scroll frame addict.   SC fits just fine on one of my many scroll frames.  I get my scroll frames from Artisan Design and I love them!  Here's a picture:

As you can see, I have plenty of room on either side of the stitched area to allow for framing.  Also to the left, you can make out the clamp that holds my lovely frame onto the floor stand, also from Artisan Design.

The excess fabric is rolled up at the top and the bottom.  Since I started stitching at the top, you might be able to see that the roll at the bottom is thicker due to the extra fabric.

I can't imagine doing a large project in a hoop or even q-snaps.  The thought of not being able to have the excess fabric kept neatly out of the way makes my brain hurt!

Now, a couple of other factors that will decide whether or not it will fit on a frame.  Most, not all, HAEDs recommend stitching on 25ct. over 1.  I'm stitching over 1 but on 34ct. which makes my finished project smaller. If I had tried stitching over 2, the size would be doubled.  On 25ct., this pattern would be 14" wide x 40" long.  As you probably saw in the first answer above, mine is definitely going to be smaller than that.  So the fabric count and stitching over 1 vs. 2 are two other factors.

The size of your frame is the final thing to consider.  I haven't measured this frame, but I will estimate that my fabric is 18" wide so the rod is 20".  That is definitely not my largest frame.  This one is:

The stitched area on this one is 23" wide so that puts the fabric about 28" and the rods at 30".

Michelle also asked:
"...roll the material up in card board roll, so it doesn't get dirty?"

As you can see, the way I have the material rolled on the frame creates a "well".  In other words, the stitched area is recessed below the scroll rods.  The only part of the material that I come into contact with is along the bottom edge of the scroll rod.  Having the floor stand limits contact as well, but the way the fabric is rolled is even more important.  The side of the material that is exposed on the rods is the back of the fabric.  I stitch two-handed.  My right (dominant) hand is underneath the fabric and my left is on top.  My right arm does go under the scroll rod so it does brush against the material but only the back.  My left arm rarely comes into contact with the material but if it does, it's the back.

As I finish a row, or in the case of these two projects shown, two rows, I need to roll the material from the bottom rod onto the top.  I've never had a problem with the little bit of exposed fabric that I do come into contact with getting noticeably dirty.  Yes, this area does get rolled against the stitched area but I've never noticed any dirt or had any problems with dirt.  Since the projects I typically do are so large, they are quite frequently on the scroll frames for yearsLa Belle Dame... has been on the frame since at least 2008.

I hope this information helps.

Happy Stitching!



Leonore Winterer said...

I'd love to be able to use scroll frames...but I just can't get the tension right with the one I bought, the fabic just hangs there very losely and my stitches won't come out right :(

Michelle Aukett said...

Hi Stacy, Thank you so much for all the information it was very helpful. I have had a frame made especially for the SC but now realize its not right, so will have to have it adjusted. Unfortunately, in Greece we only hoops not frames which is rather strange since they do a lot of weaving here. I love your frames and hopefully will invest in one when I am a bit flush. Thanks again and apologise for the delay in replying !