Sunday, September 14, 2014

God Speed WIP photo

After finishing a page on La Belle Dame Sans Merci, the Random Master app (iOS) chose God Speed as my next project.

I just finished page 6 which is the leftmost page on the 2nd row - on the large print version anyway.  Why I have this one in large print is beyond me.  All my other HAED charts are regular print.  Because this one is large print, there are 5 full and 1 partial row of pages top to bottom.  That means I still have quite a bit to do!

Here's my latest progress photo.  The top edge of stitches are actually rolled up on the scroll frame so that's why the top isn't all there.

Since I've finished a page on this, that means it was time to switch back to my focus piece:  La Belle Dame.

Happy Stitching!



Anonymous said...

Stacy, the rock walls in this piece are awesome with great detail. You're doing a beautiful job on them! Judy Johnson (Judyjo)

Leonore Winterer said...

Personally, I think having less stitches per page is a good thing; ou get this page-finish-feeling more often! Looks awesome so far, you're such a fast and dedicated stitcher ^_^

borduurbloemfan steevens said...


I have just done with reading your hole blog! Awesome stitching!!!! Really beautiful...

Going to follow you in the future.

Greetz from Belgium