Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This giveaway is closed.

Well, no one even came close!  The floss that I have the most is 800 and I have 27 skeins of it.

I'll definitely have a giveaway sometime in the near future and I promise that it'll be easier!

Now that I've cataloged all my floss, I thought I'd do a floss-related giveaway. 

What you have to do is Comment on this post with the DMC number of the floss you think I have the most of  and how many skeins of that color.  Now since DMC has 450+ solid colors, I will narrow it down for you.  I will mention that two of the color numbers that I'm going to list are original variegated because at least one of them made my top ten (in quantity).

Here are the updated colors to choose from:

Ecru · 321 · 517 · 666 · 677 · 738 · 800 · 895 · 913 · 938

Happy Stitching (and guessing)!



mdgtjulie said...

Okay, interesting giveaway, Stacy. I'm guessing black (310) and fourteen skeins. (I know I stock up on it, cause it seems they're always running low on it.)

lesli said...

This is a cute giveaway! I'm new to your blog...is there somewhere I can become a follower?
My guess: 3371-19 skeins

Stacy C. said...


I'll look into a follower option. I also have a cross stitch related FB page: Stacy's XS List

Chrism said...

I am new to your blog too, but i would say 762 and 13 of them x thanks for an inspirational blog x

Diana Brindley said...

I'm new also to your blog. I am going to guess 93 and 11.
Great blog site!

Anonymous said...

I don't want anything but if you are like me it would be white and I would guess over 50

Diana Brindley said...

I'm going to guess, 434 & 11 skeins.

Aussie stitcher said...

920 and 5 skeins!!

Julie in Australia

Paula said...

666 and 13 skeins

Paula in Ireland