Thursday, August 19, 2010

English Cottage

At times, I can be a sneaky devil. ;-)

My in-laws left town right before our county fair began. I have a key to their house. I decided that I was going to enter Miss Hathaway's Garden in the fair. I stitched this for my mother-in-law. On my way to the fairgrounds with 2 other pieces I was going to enter, I stopped by my in-law's and "borrowed" the English cottage picture.

My results from the items I showed:

  • A blue ribbon and best of section for the crocheted doily
  • A blue ribbon for the cross stitch sampler I designed
  • A blue ribbon, best of section and first place rosette for Miss Hathaway's Garden

Last night, I returned the cottage picture to my in-law's house. This time, I really felt like a burglar because the park they are in only had 1 or 2 houses with lights still on! ;-)

When I re-hung the picture, I left the ribbons hanging on it. Ron and I are waiting to see how long it takes for either of my in-laws to notice!

Happy Stitching!