Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My 101 in 1001 list.

Well, I finally figured out what my 101 in 1001 list was going to be. I'm starting this on August 7, 2007 so I should finish on May 4, 2010.

Here's the list:

  1. Start personal blog.
  2. Lose 60 pounds [5/60].
  3. Walk on treadmill at least 3x week. [actually doing this every day so far!!]
  4. Get piano tuned.
  5. Bowl a 600 series.
  6. Clean off my hard drive.
  7. Backup all 4 computers.
  8. Convert CDs to MP3 files.
  9. Pay all bills as soon as they arrive. [so far so good]
  10. Keep credit card paid off. [current balance: $0]
  11. Get savings account to $1,000. [Dave Ramsey's Baby Step #1]
  12. Get savings up to $5,000. Dave Ramsey's Baby Step #3]
  13. Open an IRA.
  14. Start filing federal taxes quarterly to avoid late fees.
  15. Save up for new television.
  16. Sell thimble collection. [a few already sold]
  17. Pay an additional $50-$100 per month on mortgage.
  18. Finish the clan sections in my Things Scottish shop. [7/67]
  19. Finish pages for my tartan cross stitch patterns.
  20. Add a Celtic cross design to my Things Scottish shop.
  21. Update existing sections of the shop to include newer items.
  22. Get items online for all holidays in Shop the Holidays.
  23. Read entire Bible.
  24. Read 50 books. [5/50]
  25. Make list of all books ever read. [this is going to be a MAJOR work in progress]
  26. Have laser hair removal.
  27. Go to a spa once.
  28. Get a manicure.
  29. Take vitamins daily.
  30. Work on the "Baby Steps" from Dave Ramsey. [on 3 of 7 but I get to skip #5]
  31. Finish stitching "La Belle Dame Sans Merci".
  32. Organize DMC floss.
  33. Design 5 cross stitch patterns.
  34. Make a Christmas quilt.
  35. Make a scrapbook for wedding photos.
  36. Make a scrapbook for the house.
  37. Make a scrapbook for paternal family photos.
  38. Make a scrapbook for maternal family photos.
  39. Make a scrapbook of hubby's photos.
  40. Make a scrapbook of my photos.
  41. Make a scrapbook of our trips to Las Vegas.
  42. Make a scrapbook of our other vacations.
  43. Make a St. Nicholas quilt (wallhanging).
  44. Finish the St. Nicholas doll from kit.
  45. Paint craft room. [got 1/3 primed and painted]
  46. Remove ugly carpet in craft room.
  47. Create a jewelry roll to store earring collection.
  48. Stitch 2 projects to be hung in bedroom.
  49. Crochet a sweater that can actually be worn.
  50. Knit a sweater that can actually be worn.
  51. Frame 2 completed cross stitch pieces. [2/2]
  52. Stitch at least 2 Santa ornaments.
  53. Stitch an Altoid tin topper.
  54. Finish afghan for Warm Up America.
  55. Make Roman shades for bedroom windows.
  56. Paint the bedroom.
  57. Make new curtains for the kitchen.
  58. Sew a skirt.
  59. Upholster dining room chairs.
  60. Make a quilted tote bag.
  61. Have 2 baby afghans made before they are needed.
  62. Get a custom, personal website.
  63. Write a memories book.
  64. Take photographs to make a local calendar.
  65. Organize greeting cards and gift wraps.
  66. Finish the index for the Burke county, ND book.
  67. Get passport updated.
  68. Take an Alaskan cruise.
  69. Rent a houseboat in Canada.
  70. Take a trip on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train.
  71. Take a trip on the Rogue River Mail Boat.
  72. Take a trip through the San Juan Islands.
  73. Take a road trip.
  74. See a Cirque show in Vegas.
  75. Learn Spanish.
  76. Attend a Seattle Seahawks game.
  77. Learn all the countries of the world with capitals.
  78. Learn and find 5 new constellations.
  79. Learn 1 new word a week.
  80. Organize print photos.
  81. Organize digital photos.
  82. Release books via BookCrossing. [6 released so far]
  83. Clean out sideboard.
  84. Organize recipes.
  85. Make at least 3 dinners a week.
  86. Make homemade strudels (German noodles) at least 2x a year.
  87. Learn to make cobbler.
  88. Make homemade ice cream.
  89. Start using grocery coupons.
  90. Make a grocery price journal. [started]
  91. Enter 2 stitched items in the 2009 fair.
  92. Enter at least 1 photo in the 2009 fair.
  93. Eat in 2 new restaurants.
  94. Try a new dish at a favorite restaurant.
  95. Hold a Christmas-time open house.
  96. Hook up surround sound system.
  97. Host a ladies' movie night.
  98. Install a fireplace mantle.
  99. Go to 3 movies in the theater.
  100. Keep pickup cleaned out.
  101. Start new list when this one is finished.

Whew, hope I can make it! - Happy Stitching!

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