Monday, April 10, 2017

Another La Belle Dame update


Since it's been too cold to use my sewing room (it's unheated at the moment - my space heater died), I've been making great strides on La Belle Dame Sans Merci.  I've finished another full + partial page!

This is my final row of pages so I am getting excited.  I've already got fabric for the next project to go on this scroll frame!

I also bought fabric for another project that I'll start as soon as I can either finish La Belle or comfortably spend time in my sewing room.  The cold room is also why I haven't made any more progress on my Finish It Up challenge.  I'm dying for just slightly warmer weather!  (sigh)

Happy Stitching!



LeShawn said...

Congratulations on hitting the final row on your HAED. I cannot wait to see the finished piece. I can only imagine how exciting it is to be so close to the end. Happy stitching.

Leonore Winterer said...

Ooh, I can comment again! Great progress. You're dealing out these page finishes so regularly, it's amazing!