Thursday, October 20, 2016

WIP update

I know I've been "quiet" here on my blog lately.  Life seems to have a way of taking up time.  Nothing major, just little things here and there.

For instance, I would usually spend most of a Saturday afternoon/evening in my craft room.  Nope, last Saturday when we were expecting the "storm of the century", hubby and I headed south to Portland, OR for a trade show.  It was great to attend even a small, regional one finally.  We used to go to our annual convention in Las Vegas every year, but when the economy tanked in 2008, we didn't have the extra money to do it.

We got to look at the new machine we're planning on getting for our trophy shop and got to talk to a couple of suppliers so it was worth "braving the storm".  Since the storm was supposed to hit in the early afternoon, we made sure to get to Portland early so we could leave before the storm got to us.  BTW, the storm didn't make landfall here so we just got some significant rainfall:  3.04" (7.72cm).  We're used to that since we average over 65" (165.1cm) of rain a year.

Well, I finally got to do some stitching last night and I managed a page finish!  The piece in my rotation this time was God Speed.  Here's my progress photo:

...and we have a face!  Next time I work on this, I should be working on the top of the knight's helmet.

Now I'm back to my La Belle Dame...  I've already put in a few stitches on page 24 which is a partial page.  That means a row finish is coming in the near future!

I won't get much stitching done this weekend.  Hubby and I have a booth (indoors!) at the Fall Garage Sale in Chehalis, WA this coming Saturday.  If you're in Western Washington, come on by!  There are over 300 vendors inside the fairground buildings.

Happy Stitching!


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