Saturday, April 4, 2015

HAP SAL Progress Report - March

Of course, I'm late writing this.  I'm in charge...who put me in charge?  Oh, yeah - me!  You'd think I'd learn.

I have made progress on only one of my HAP pieces in the last month:  La Belle Dame Sans Merci.  I just noticed that HAED now has a super-sized version of this available.  That is NOT the one I'm working on.

Anyway, here are my progress pictures.  I thought I'd show the start of the year, previous progress (from February) and my current progress.  Did I mention this includes another page finish?!  Yeah, me!

As of January 1:

As of my last rotation back in February:

And this one from my page finish about 30 minutes ago:

Ooh, look at how little I have to do for another row finish!  Nope, not getting done now.  I'm going to rotate my projects like the good little girl I am.  [stop laughing...seriously, stop]

Well, I have progressed on this from 41.67% to 48.21% complete!

Since it's nearly 1am, I think it's time for this girl to get some shut-eye!

Happy Stitching!  zZzZz....



StitchyDon said...

Wow, it looks amazing !!!

Annie said...

Great progress, awesome design!

Katie said...

Amazing progress!!

Leigh said...

Awesome progress - it's looking great!

Leonore Winterer said...

Looking great - so close to a row finish! Maybe a page finish on your next rotation piece AND that half page here in April? ^_^

Lulu said...

Beautiful progress Stacy.