Monday, November 5, 2012

Rapunzel progress

Well, I've finished another rotation on Rapunzel (Dawe).  This time I did a bit more than one page because while page 5 is a full page, page 6 is only 12 stitches wide so I included it too.

This means that I have the top row of pages done!!  Technically, the pattern is 30 total pages but I just looked and pages 25-30 are only 3 rows of stitches each.  For this update, I did remember to update the progress bar on the right side of the blog.

I was thrilled to watch the moth come to life on these last two pages.

Next up in the rotation:  Heirloom Christmas Sampler by The Victoria Sampler.

Happy Stitching!



Lulu said...

Beautiful stitching and congrats on the finished pages!

Melody said...

Great progress! 2 pages down, wow! This one sure is going to be pretty when finished. Can't wait to see it :)

CameoRoze said...


Shaunterria Owens said...

You are making such wonderful progress on this, the moth looks great. Congrats on all you've done so far!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful =)
I somehow didn't see this design before and I am a bit sad that I missed it up to now. It's really beautiful =)
Congrats on finishing the first row =)