Friday, November 4, 2011

Being Frugal...

I've discovered that being frugal is great but it also has it's funny side!  We use alot of Resolve (Spray 'n' Wash) in our house.  When I ran out, DH went to Walmart to get some more...not a single one on the shelves!  This wasn't good as DH was running out of clean shirts. 

I decided to go across the street and get one (just one) bottle at Rite Aid.  I knew I'd be paying more, but really needed to do some laundry.  Lo, and behold, Resolve was on sale!  Normally at Walmart, I pay $2.49-$2.79 (can't remember for sure).  Rite Aid is normally $3.99; sale price was $2.00.  That's really great 'cause it's even less than WM. 

When I looked at the bottles, I saw .65 cents off coupons right on the bottles.  There were only two bottles in stock...I bought them both.  $1.35 each for 30oz. bottles (normally they are 22oz.) is great.

Later this week, DH got a rain check for ten more; I got a rain check for 10 more; my SIL got a rain check (for us) for 8; my FIL got a rain check for 4.  Today, DH went across the street to buy some more since we knew the delivery truck had been there yesterday.  When I looked in the laundry room this morning, I have a full case of Resolve.  I have a feeling that I'm going to have Resolve stored in all sorts of places around the house.  Our house is now the kingdom of Resolve!

Total savings:
46 bottles @ $1.14 less each = $52.44
30 oz instead of 22 oz = 368 oz for free!


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