Monday, July 21, 2008

Mt. St. Helen's Tournament

I got back last night from Kelso, Washington where I was bowling in the Mt. St. Helen's Tournament. The tournament was held at Highlander Lanes. The staff there is absolutely great - friendly, helpful and all-around fun.

I'm infamous among my bowling friends for leaving the 5 pin (directly behind the front pin). The 5 pin, in the bowling world, is known as the "sex pin". If you leave it on your first throw and then knock it down on your second, you supposedly will be "getting some" that evening. Since I throw a straight ball, I tend to leave it alot. This past weekend, I left it - alot. Nine times!! Every single time, I picked it up. Needless to say, I was getting quite a bit of teasing from my friends and from the staff at the lanes!

The tournament involved a singles event, doubles event and team event - three games of each. We bowled singles and double as a set on Saturday and team on Sunday. I went into the tournament with an average of 159. Here are my scores for each game:

Singles: 134, 175, 148 = 457 series
Doubles: 154, 166, 172 = 492 series (my partner bowled a 605 series!!)
Team: 179, 173, 182 = 534 series



CameoRoze said...

Oh, COME on, Stacy! Do (kiss and) tell! You can't leave us HANGING like that!

Cameo @-->-->--- <--being naughty

The Tartan Chieftess said...

I may kiss, but I'll never tell. hehehe