Monday, September 3, 2007

Made progress on my 1001 list

Well during the long holiday weekend (Labor Day in the US), I made progress on my list.

I managed to cross off item 65 - Organize greeting cards and gift wrap.
I had no clue how many greeting cards I have!! They are all sorted by type (birthday, anniversary, etc.) now.

I also got to cross off #80 - Organize print photos.
They are in envelopes grouped by vacation, people, etc. The negatives are not stored with the prints - they are stored in a fire-proof box. Some of the negatives have also been converted to digital files and the files are stored somewhere other than my p.c.

I've also started on item #41 - Make a scrapbook of our trips to Las Vegas. This was much easier to do now that I have my prints and digital photos organized!! I had to order actual prints of quite a few of my digital photos so that I could complete my Vegas scrapbook. I got them online through Snapfish. If you are interested, they only cost me 10¢ per print + shipping (cause I bought a prepaid package).

Happy Stitching!!

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